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    Septic tank that discharges to start of a ditch so pools first before running off

    I take it that you can’t dig a soak away. If you can that would be far cheaper than putting in a treatment plant and getting the EA involved.
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    Recommend me a decent slurry stirrer

    As above. Mixit. Most simple well built and designed stirrer. Last for years and parts are easy to get. It’s a fantastic sight seeing it move a large lagoon with ease. Very quick and good with crusts.
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    Pottinger Novacat 305 ED shredding conditioner belts.

    I have a nine foot pottinger. Was chucking a belt off the conditioner pulley every now and again. Dealer said that the idler arm could be bent. Sure enough idler wasn’t centred over the belts. Straightened it. No more problems. Just some thing to check.
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    NVZ record keeping

    Your not wrong there. I've had two short days on it and I seem to be stranded between two years but it only giving me the option of re jigging last year rather than entering this year just gone.
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    NVZ record keeping

    I’m losing the will to live trying to use “Planet”. What works and is easy to use. I’m not big ( 80 acres )but have arable and beef.
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    Project Xerion.

    Update please[emoji106].
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    Today NOT at work

    Situation normal here. Carry on.
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    Hubba, hubba.
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    Straw yards and slurry storage

    Best I’ve seen was an above ground store with reception pit beside with steel slats over it. What didn’t go down between the slats was scraped into a heap and taken away and tipped on off ground. Leaving slurry to be pumped closer by. Doesn’t have to be an above ground store. Could just be a...
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    New Holland T6030 front linkage adapter or new arms

    Most are cat 3 balls with cat 2 holes. Have seen some that are cat two balls but spacing between is the same so can pick up same kit with different balls.
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    Block cutter to shear grab

    Keep them sharp. Buy one with the big teeth as they cut better than small teeth or solid blade at the front.
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    Show me your pusher please.

    Yes I agree. I think I might have taken the chance to brace it back to an extended headstock whilst I was at it.
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    Show me your pusher please.

    Ok don’t laugh but I had an idea for a pusher but I didn’t get round to it as doing less corn. I was just going to bolt a board on my flat eight. For my, what was then thirty acres I thought that would work.
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    All things Dairy

    How are you getting on with the MC130?
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    McCormick Mc115

    Pto cutting out is electrical. Mine used to stop. I think new battery or maybe 2nd battery added instead of one sorted it. Didn’t have any of the other symptoms that you have though.