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    Drill scales

    A lidl hand held suitcase digital scale :D
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    Post knockers…. Thoughts and opinions

    If you're going from doing it by hand, basically any post knocker is better than before. Apart from the big long old fashioned execution hammers. We got an old Parmiter a couple of years back, wouldn't be without it now. 2 man job to get some output, but 1 man could work it. We got ours with a...
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    Pneumatic Greaser

    sold at auction
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    Tig / stick welder ?

    By that I mean you'll get a weld, but the stainless will sugar out the back and pull oxides back into the front side, it will make a mess and probably rust. Thicker stuff won't be so bad.
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    Tig / stick welder ?

    It depends on what you're trying to weld. In theory oxy-acetylene will work on stainless as long as you have a carburising flame (that is, keeping oxygen out of the weld) but in practice I imagine it's only any good on thicker stuff. You aren't going to gas weld 1.6mm sheet, the flame isn't...
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    Cheap Winter Bean Establishment

    We got an accidental crop last year - we wholecropped spring beans late when they really should have been combined, and the losses through the header were quite substantial. Ploughed meaning to go back into grass but got unlucky with the weather and had to wait til spring for drilling... at...
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    Pneumatic Greaser

    SFS, make me an offer?
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    Tig / stick welder ?

    I think you'll be the expert on that... Not many people will have tried stick on 1mm!
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    Tig / stick welder ?

    TIG welding is easier than that! :LOL: not much, though... it's quite easy on thick stuff but quite tricky on thin stuff like exhausts. The fit up of thin stuff has to be absolutely spot on.
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    Tig / stick welder ?

    It's fine on thick steel, it's a mugs game on thin stainless. You really want HF start and gas control, otherwise you'll frustrate yourself. Starting is tricky enough, stopping without making a mess is the real challenge. For a long time the only welder I had was a big 3 phase esab AC/DC TIG...
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    Silage trailer size/weight for 100hp and 130hp tractor

    A sensible answer! Given you can get 100hp in a 3 ton tractor, or a 5 ton tractor... We pull 6-7 tonners behind our cattle spec tractors, heaviest tractor we have is 4.2ton, and I think 10 tonners would really be pushing it in the wet for grip. A heavier tractor around 5 ton plus would be better...
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    I remember when.............

    I remember coming home from primary school one day and there was a brand new N reg MF 390T sat in the yard... to us, at this point, this was the absolute pinnacle of agricultural engineering. Since then, we've barely moved forward in tech :rolleyes: although 2-3 years ago, we convinced dad that...
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    Air or airless? I went with the cheap, DIY grade Wagner. It works great, I have to say. I've put 20l red oxide through it and 20l alkyd gloss last night. It's a huge, huge step up from 600ml gravity air spray guns...
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    Wigton, Cumbria

    PM me
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    What mig welder

    It might just be me, or it might just be quality... but 3 phase MIG sets have always felt smoother to me. Certainly, the capacitor smoothing has an easier time of it on 3 phase, as each phase overlaps so makes the power delivery to the transformer more continuous. Inverters are better still...