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    And so the Pound gets stronger

    And Captain Edward Smith reports vessel is just stopping to collect more ice for the cocktail bar.
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    Clive Lewis...

    I think you mean he implied it
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    what is it you’re all scared of.

    Billy Bunter, the current Prime Minister, said: "I can't think of any other politician, even Conservative politician, who from the crash of 2008 onwards actually stuck up for the bankers. "Can you think of anybody who stuck up for the bankers as much as I did? I defended them day in, day out...
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    Boris is doing well

    You're right. It's all our (remainers') fault. For not 'getting behind it' or 'believing enough'. (Maybe they'll suggest taking a few of us out for shooting as an example to the rest.)
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    The shame of the English

    Well, my my...What a lot of generalizations and assumptions. Where shall I start? The middle seems reasonable. I (and I am sure I am not alone in having done so) quoted Kipling a few weeks ago. Let's start with that: 'what does he know of England, who only England knows' was directed at...
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    The shame of the English

    Sorry Czechy, I 'overwrote' your post. Glad you at least (I believe) have a different perspective
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    The shame of the English

    I can tell you have no friends/acquaintances in Europe or you would know that is an outright lie. ANd the UK has not 'done the applications', the terrified EU citizens (many of them here for decades) have done them. Even those whose passports contain the stamp saying Indefinite Leave to Remain...
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    The shame of the English

    They were there WAY ahead. And the 'promise' of the UK is worth spit. That's one reason why so many are granted 'Pre-settled status' - guarantees sweet FA but does conveniently get their identities. WIndrush here we come.
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    The shame of the English

    Maybe, just maybe, and if you can't understand any other language than English try using Google to translate news from, say, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and see how they report Brexit. Totally (make that TOTALLY) different tone.
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    The shame of the English

    The short answer is 'crap' but as one example the 'treat EU citizens as bargaining chips' came straight out of the starting blocks
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    The shame of the English

    Anyway, why does it matter so much. The only important thing is how you behave and treat other 'people from Earth' - or anywhere else come to that. Obsessing about nationality is pointless. The next step from that obsession is obsessing about the purity of that nationality.
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    The shame of the English

    Where to start? For a start with a deep-seated sense of exceptionalism and the sense that 'they' (insert name of any group/nation/organization) should do a)what 'we' want and b) the way 'we' want it. A deep-seated arrogance and sense of innate national superiority - again, insert pretty much...
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    The shame of the English

    I think I'd agree - about calling myself British. (Though these days I'd rather tick the 'prefer not to answer' box given the way this country has been behaving.)
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    Monsieur Dominic Grieve

    Well clearly Mathew never worked as a freelancer.
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    The shame of the English

    Just saw an apt and very sad comment on Twitter> 17 years after the Tories were outed as the Nasty Party, Britain is now rapidly becoming the nasty country.

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