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    bloody cyclists

    Googled 'Ghost bike' Like the idea. I might put one at tge roundabout where the time trial idiots start their race down the dual carriageway.
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    Mf 290 front axle troubles

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    What is the best to do with uncut grass crop.

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    What is the best to do with uncut grass crop.

    Sounds ideal for outwintering a few hardy types. (Soil type permitting) Still got 5 yearling heifers out here, but they aren't happy. :D @Dman2
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    Splitting out elec use

    Sub meter.
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    Anyone from MF or Agco on here???

    Good job TFF is the exception. ;)
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    Yard sweeping brush

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    Generator running costs

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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Local scrapyard has a 20ft weighbridge. Ifor williams trailer and Discovery won't fit the front axle on. When taking stuff in, load the front of the trailer, takes 100kg off the front axle. When buying stuff for bodges and creations, load the back of the trailer. ;) I bet the scrapyard still...
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    Massey Ferguson 6170 Dynashift

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    Ford 7000

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    Storm Arwen

    Wire TO my meter made safe. I thought blue rope looked better than band.
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    Bounce back loans

    £30k BBL taken here bacause that's what we needed to buy 3 acres from a neighbour. He has spread it around the local community and has nowt left to show. ;) It will get paid back when the builder has finished cottage number 3. Now that is proper money! :(
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    Anyone from MF or Agco on here???

    @masseybreaker will have some stories.
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    Land-rover discovery td5

    £4k will by a 03 / 04 Old bus but if it's what he likes....