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    fence posts

    I had a trailer load delivered by F&F 7 years ago, which are still like new and still stink of creosote on a hot day, if that’s any better. :)
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    Performance recored rams

    Exactly right imo, it’s another tool in the box so why not use it? Personally I won’t look at a ram without figures these days if I can help it, although it’s not really an option with the Beltexes. Even at a base level, it can show that a breeder actually considers that measuring and...
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    Direct drilling rape after silage cut

    The op is in Pembrokeshire, where they don’t get a winter, it just rolls from Autumn into Spring.;)
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    Welshpool ram sale 14/9

    I spoke to someone down there that was looking to buy a BFL x Texel ram (for some reason). He said there was lots of VERY well fed rams there and trade was on fire. Haven’t heard any more than that but I’l quiz him tomorrow.
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    Cameron berates Boris and Gove .

    Cameron had to hold the referendum as there was growing demand for it. If he hadn’t then his successor would surely have had to. I also admire him for stepping back when leave won, rather than staying to push through something he didn’t believe in. Most modern politicians would have clung onto...
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    Cameron berates Boris and Gove .

    What will BoJo call it? ‘The shortest ride in history, but what a ride’? Or maybe ‘Opening the door to Jezza’?
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    Come on help a lady out 🤣😊 (metal)

    *quickly back tracking once the buxom lass says she’s single...... 👍😂
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    PMSG for Texel ewes

    I used to fanny about giving each (December lambing Charollais) ewe a different dose, referring back to their past fecundity. Anything that tended to have singles has 2.5ml, anything that always had multiples got 1.5ml, etc. It didn't make a blind bit of difference tbh, so now everything gets...
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    PMSG for Texel ewes

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    Kelso tup sale.

    I had you down as more in my ‘West’ category, as opposed to the Aberdeen types. ;)
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    Kelso tup sale.

    It’s not the societies job to push in any particular direction. Different types of rams are in demand in Scotland, in the east of England, the SW and in Wales. There is a type of sheep that comes from Aberdeen, seemingly regardless of breed. They are generally strong headed, plenty of bone...
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    Growing rams to sell as shearlings?

    I know of a few people, that I would describe as ‘moderate’ feeders, that just put a 3-in-1 feeder out with whole Barley in it. You could limit them to a pound a day, which would be spread throughout the day, and without the work of running out to your troughs several times a day.
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    Why? The animal’s still been sold for £200k (or whatever), and will most likely be absolutely fine in a month’s time. Lots of rams are subfertile at the very start of their natural breeding season, even without heavy feeding making it worse.
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    New trailer

    I always found the decks OK, but the ramp that moves, putting off the other sheep, as soon as the first one jumps on it, combined with a steep angle that encouraged heavy ewes to turn round half way up....😡
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    New trailer

    You have to lift them with the ewes on, then top it up tight? I remember those days too..... ;) It really is a revelation to be able to top the deck ‘up tight’ on the flat, then press a button to raise it up.

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