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    Kevs diary

    It'll be a bit draughty round your undercrackers using the new loos today. :censored:
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    Kevs diary

    Somebody needs their arse kicked at the supplier's. They've been and sent square holes to put round pipes in! :rolleyes:
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    What is the best to do with uncut grass crop.

    The latter sounds like a good plan, seeing as you (presumably) have Highland coos that will want nothing but gutfill. (y) As above, if you flail off a big amount of material, it will mostly still be on the surface for the whole year.
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    Sheep Worrying Conviction

    I was always told that you should always have a handful of wool in your pocket when you shoot a dog for worrying. :censored:
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    Free Trees for Wales

    It'll be like the 'National Forestation Day' they had in Turkey a couple of years ago, when 11 million trees were planted in a day, including setting a new world record of 303k trees planted in a single hour in one location. A year or so later, it was estimated that 90% of those saplings had...
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    Watercourses and hedgerows

    In that case, can sheep farmers get £3000/ha... :ROFLMAO: You guys are dreaming. You aren't going to be offered anything like that to provide margins on what is effectively your least productive ground anyway. and that you can't legally use most pesticides or fertiliser anyway. If DEFRA look...
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Given the ways suggested for adding OM, I can't see how there can be a figure put on it tbh. How much OM is added by copping straw, growing cover crops, grazed catch crops, or growing a herbal ley? They all add OM, but a job to quantify it.
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Better pesticides allowed you to get away with continuous mono cropping for a while. It was never a sustainable system.
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    ELMS terms & conditions re Red Tractor

    Am I correct in thinking RT inspectors are paid per visit, whilst DEFRA staff are on salaries?
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Mixed farming and sensible, diverse rotations have always been the most sustainable way to farm. Nothing’s changed about that. It wasn’t ‘experts’ that led to the widespread specialisation we see today, but economics, and (I would suggest mostly) a lack of willingness to do the physical work...
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Thank you. That does seem a logical approach.👍
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    Waterproof bib

    Kaiawakas/BetaCraft are the only only kit I’d be confident of handling the odd altercation with barbed wire. Much prefer wearing lighter Origini leggings most of the time though. Kaiawaka is reserved for the worst weather, if I can’t avoid going out in it.
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    Sheep Worrying Conviction

    I may have let similar statements slip out too… and fortunately not had to shoot one yet. Previous tenant here told me that he used to lose a few shots off in early March, behind a hedge next to the town. Then he’d go to the pub at night (as he did every night) and usually get somebody mention...
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    You seem to be forgetting that @bobk has mastered the art of selling his straw at twice what anybody else can get.;)
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    AHDB Article: Assurance of imported grain

    Do AHDB own a share of RT? I thought they had just been paying them a sub to ‘help them develop’, until recently? My apologies if the facts spoil the venom being thrown their way.