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    Milk pumps - cheshire

    Poor lad not having a good time at the moment (n)
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    weed grass killer wanted

    I doubt you'll find someone willing to sell you any, as use of chemicals within agriculture is stringently regulated. Basically, the health and safety aspect of sprays has been drummed in to farmers so much that no one would risk putting a foot wrong. However, the 'weed killer' we use is exactly...
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    Rape extension for Claas V660 header

    Still looking, not found anything yet!
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    how to deal with local tosser

    Wouldn't put my shaft anywhere near something from Crewe :LOL: Seems to have got very busy over the last couple of years, everywhere appears to be packed on Fridays and Saturdays, can honestly say I've never been on a night out in Crewe in my life though! Nantwich is crap at the weekend now...
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    Must be getting old! Parts prices. :yuck:

    Rapid Electronics are another good one for mail order electrical components, very good service. I would refuse to spend more than £5 fixing this, it's only a micro switch. Maplin are a bit more expensive but you're more likely to have a local one.
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    Buying a machine to use and hire out

    Local place is £240 pw for a new 531-70. Don't know how that pays! Same place charges £220 a week for a £4000 trailer (n)
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    pumping in gear oil

    That's what I was thinking of, just a bit heavy and cumbersome.
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    pumping in gear oil

    Until I increased the size of pipe, yes, there were some tense moments wondering whether I'd end up with a big mess :LOL: Better with a bigger pipe, but I'll probably improve the design and find some sort of container designed to take pressure, as the concept of it is great, much more convenient...
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    pumping in gear oil

    I use a 25l drum fitted with a tyre valve and a pipe. Put tyre inflator on the valve and oil comes out of the pipe (y)
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    Thoughtless sprayer driver.

    New-ish Bateman RB-35?
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    Ford Ranger

    I'm not saying it isn't that, but the stop solenoid is far less susceptible to being affected by interference while cranking, compared with a crank position sensor. Is the sensor anywhere near the starter motor or do the wires pass near each other?
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    Ford Ranger

    If this were the explanation then surely putting the jump pack on would provide enough extra juice for it to work properly?
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    Ford Ranger

    Yes, if a fault code is triggered then it is stored. However, things like this can often cause problems without the system realising there's a fault.
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    Ford Ranger

    Didn't think so, always worth trying the simple stuff first. Not as simple as that, diagnostics doesn't always find the problem with an error code, quite often a case of trawling through live data and comparing it known acceptable values.
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    Ford Ranger

    As above, with Land Rovers, it's often the CPS not giving a correct signal whilst current is being supplied to the starter motor. See if you can read the live data from the CPS whilst cranking, using diagnostics, then compare it to the data whilst the engine is running. I'd put my money on that...

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