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    Opinion Harvester Survey - Red Tractor

    I’d like to see the results from this. Maybe they’re realising the writing is on the wall.
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    Game maize wierd thing

    I had something similar with sorghum a few years ago. Drilled a few blocks in to good conditions. Nothing showing after a few days. No holes dug, I scratched around, no seed, no hollowed grains/signs of slugs etc. Re drilled it all and it came brilliantly. We were completely baffled by it.
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    Register as a user of professional plant protection products (PPPs) and adjuvants

    The only laptop we have runs on steam. I’ll print it off I think. Thanks.
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    Register as a user of professional plant protection products (PPPs) and adjuvants

    Help please. I’m trying to fill this in on an iPad. I’ve used you’re link. But can’t edit the form. Do I need to print it and fill it in then scan and email it back ? Nothing is ever straight forward with government stuff. 😡
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    Puncture prevention gunk in a road vehicle

    It did on my truck. I couldn’t go above 60. Maybe I put too much in.
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    Getting dry

    We got 30mm Saturday night. Everything is looking better already. spring barley might just make a crop now. 🤞
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    Best weather apps.

    As above, seem to be more accurate than most, I also use RainToday for their radar on showery days.
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    Blackgrass for idiots

    Up until 5/6 years ago I didn’t know what BG was. Then the odd plant started showing up. I didn’t think too much of it. But after a farm walk at a member off of here’s farm (he was getting on top of it) I decided zero tolerance was the way to go. Glyphosate is your friend. I had to spray...
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    Pheasant poults

    Check the dates too. Some of those late birds would likely never be ready to shoot.
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    Anyone bought fert

    Frontier. Tbh I agree re price. Did two loads of beans at £350 for July to ‘sort’ of cover it.
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    Anyone bought fert

    Just succumbed and booked one load of urea at £745 😵‍💫
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    Getting dry

    We got 7mm last night, nice steady warm rain. It seems to have perked the S barley and the beans up a bit already.
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    Youshiko weather stations

    Has anyone got any updates on these weather stations, or any recommendations for something similar that won’t break the bank please.
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    Pheasant poults

    I always feed on. Normally I’d have stopped by now, but with no birds for next year I’ll carry on right through now. Feeding plenty of ducks too. 🤞