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    What @Ffermer Bach is saying is 100% correct. In the eyes of the law anyone not being paid but assisting in any small way will be regarded as an Employee in law so Employers Liability insurance must be in place. There are also HSE guidelines in place re shoot trailers.
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    Acres insurance recommendation

    Not gone anywhere. Apologies if you have not had a response yet. Could you please pm whatever you sent through to us with your contact details so I can locate it and ensure it is dealt with. Thanks
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    AMC recommendations?

    Have never been particularly impressed with AMC. My experience with them has been that they will not take non- farming income into account for repayment of loan even when the non farm income had a very good history. Plenty of other friends that speak well of them.
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    Insurance, want to leave NFU, recommendations please ideally Glos

    Most Insurers charge about twice the rate for comp cover on ATV's and RTV's that they do for tractors. I used to think it was unfair that RTv's were charged this higher rate. Last couple of years prove Insurers were right. We get as many stolen RTV claims as we do ATV's. Generally no insurer...
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    Drivers taking tractors for tractors runs

    The majority of tractor insurance sold in UK does include usage for social, domestic and pleasure as standard (as previously stated by another member). No harm in ringing your broker to check. As a business we will not sell tractor insurance that does not include social, domestic and pleasure use.
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    Big kit light hearted videos by Mike Mitchell Saskatchewan farmer!!!!

    I always work on about 1 bushel being 25kg. I know it is a volume measurement but 25kg not far wrong. So crop yielding 30 bushel/acre = 750kg/ 3/4tonne per acre
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    Has anybody seen the NEXAT machine that Germany Company Kalverkamp are testing at the moment? Have a look at their website (best press the english speaking button) The machine has just won a gold medal from this years Agritechnica awards. It looks really quite remarkable. Somewhere on...
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    Insurance Renewal

    Only reason a £30k combine should be much more than £300, would be if Contracting use is over 50% or your claims history is not good.
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    Insurance Renewal

    The whole Insurance market has seen premium increases of probably 6-9% on good risks over the last year. There are still major differences in price between different Insurers so well worth the hassle of getting a quote. The Combine mentioned by Somerset Farmer should be costing around £300 for a...
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    Insurance, want to leave NFU, recommendations please ideally Glos

    With car insurance there is always somebody somewhere that will insure it cheaper- generally via the comparison websites. BUT beware they will often have higher excesses, dont always give business use, often dont want young drivers and generally wont cover trailers. If you have to deal with them...
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    Farming in France

    For me the positives in France far outweigh the negatives. French govt wont sell farming out like UK attempting to do,food production in France still respected and important. Work/life balance better, schooling and healthcare hard to beat,best wine,cheese and bread in the world and still a...
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    Farming in France

    I have seen others in that situation with too much borrowed money or not enough capital and they have found it almost impossible to climb out of that vicious circle. Stretching yourself in the first place to take on a larger enterprise/holding and not having any money held back for the unforseen...
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    Farming in France

    Did it for a number of years and for various reasons sold when we received an offer from some overseas investors, which caused some controversy in France. Fantastic country to farm in,found the French in the main great to be great to work with. Far more opportunities than UK, purchase price and...
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    Farming in France

    One of the big attractions to me when I borrowed money for farming in France was that I had a fixed interest rate throughout the period of the loan/mortgage. This seemed to be a standard thing (at that time) and certainly made budgeting more simple.
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    Load it yourself!

    Totally agree with all comments on here about potential major Insurance problem if you let drivers load themselves and something goes wrong. Insurers could potentially be within their rights to try and wriggle plus farm owner/Manager could also face action from HSE. It is not worth the risk in...