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    SF Leadership and IRA Funeral

    The DUP were slower in joining the calls for resigning/stepping aside compared to other parties. While interestingly some of the non Stormont DUP representatives were louder in their calls for action.
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    SF Leadership and IRA Funeral

    What was the reaction like in the ROI?
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    SF Leadership and IRA Funeraléin-1.4294619
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    Boris's paint Job

    Incorrect it also used by the NI Football team.
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    Boris's paint Job
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    New Zealand

    Military is now going to oversee quarantine procedures.
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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    Free milk tank?
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    Black lives demo.

    "England's difficulty is Ireland's opportunity"
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    Black lives demo.

    It is more of an embarrassment to SF since they have commemorations at it, including their current leader.
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    Black lives demo.

    It is a fascinating area of history.
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    Black lives demo.

    The Irish Free State did not provide any ports in the Battle of Atlantic, they did however provide an air corridor over Donegal to allow long range planes fly from bases in Northern Ireland to lessen the gap in the Atlantic where there was no air cover. Incidentally there is a statue in Dublin...
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    All things Dairy

    More shopping across the border.
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    Irish hypocrisy

    For my sins I was at the LE count for one of the more rural DEAs in the Fermanagh and Omagh. Counting agent for UUP candidate. The DEA would be mainly nationalist, It was very interesting to see which areas the alliance votes were coming from and then the transfers. In this particular ward there...
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    Irish hypocrisy

    Most Alliance voters east of the Bann would be Unionists, West of the Bann in some areas in recent local elections the alliance vote was around 80% nationalist.
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    Irish hypocrisy

    Legacy of the Civil War down south.

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