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    Romney Day sale

    See you all at Ashford on Friday😎
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    Romney Draft Ewes

    A ewe which has been drafted out of a flock to another farm for an easier life. Better grass etc. They are drafted out to keep the flock young and healthy, but could lamb for another year or two with better feed
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    Romney Draft Ewes

    Looking for 500 to 600 romney draft ewes, 3 or 4 crop
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    Wanted Suckler Cows

    12 Cows with calves at foot wanted, prefer traditional breeds, Hereford, Angus, Shorthorn etc. located Norfolk/Cambs border. Please PM
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    Huntaway bitch

    Huntaway bitch 3 years old available foc to right home. I have had her for 3 months from a dealer to join our collies and kelpies on large numbers of sheep. She is very vocal around sheep and is as soft as grease with me and the family. The problem is last week she killed the aged farm cat...
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    Blind Ewe

    Blue/Green algae can do this.
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    Wool ban

    Boo who?
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    Today at work

    No sheep your way?
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    Sheepy mystery

    2 out of the 3 are correct
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    Sheepy mystery

    I had an RPA inspector think that rock salt was a dead sheep once, until I educated her!!
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    Sheepy mystery

    himalayan rock salt
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    Prattley 3-way manual draft weigh crate......

    Prattley manual 3 way draft crate is a great bit of kit. 2 of us weighed 800 lambs Saturday within 2 hours:)
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    Today at work

    Great morning for it

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