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    Swallows 2022

    That's ours arrived this afternoon, bang on average arrival date going back years.
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    De horning paste

    As an aside, I remember my father dehorning calves at a day or two old with a caustic soda stick, holding it with grease proof paper. It was quick and accurate after scuffing the bud with a penknife. Must have been stored in a sealed jar? Tried to get some years ago to do the odd calf but only...
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    The correct way to measure a stamped bushel was to overfill it, then give it a dunt with the roller that was then used to sweep the surface grain off. That way the weight was consistent.
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    VAT software for small business

    Excel and Absolute bridging software worked fine for me but bit the bullet and moved to cloud based Freeagent. Accountancy fees much reduced.
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    Shimming Out Straw Walker Blocks

    cornflake packet shims
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    Getting on top of silage field docks!

    I have seen docks that seemed to be infected with rust / fungal infection. Could a pathogen be engineered to attack them only?
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    6kw wind turbine

    Our Proven 6 installed in March 2011 averages 34.63Kwh per day. A capacity factor of 24.05. It is installed on a 6 meter mast and slightly close to some trees. I recon if it were on a higher mast it would do half as much again. Simple machine, trouble free, with minimal maintenance.
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    Have you still got Swallows?

    Last of ours left today. Although August and September were kinder they suffered a dreadful May, June and July up here. Will miss them darting about.
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    worst year ever

    Not much different this side of the Pentland Firth either. Grass fields suffering badly unless under-stocked. Arable crops are 2 - 3 weeks behind normal. There will be no swallows fledged this season, too cold and lack of insects have seen to that.
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    swallows 2015

    Our first pair arrived this morning, four days earlier than last year.
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    What time does your post arrive?

    I wish our postie would deliver more cheques - mostly junk mail here!. I fear for rural delivery longer term given that more commerce conducted by e-mail.
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    swallows 2014

    The cold and wet aftermath of hurricane Bertha wiped out the second ? brood in their nests here. Too long a spell of bad weather and no flying insects for the parents to catch left them to starve. Nature can be so cruel! They all left here middle of last week, as said before sad to see them go.
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    Sad loss for the north

    Dreadful tragedy. Terrible loss for his wife, young son and parents. Will be greatly missed in the local and wider community. Sympathy and condolences to his family.
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    EE Signal Box

    No, the one I have has Nokia Siemens networks on the sticker but of course is made in China. It was provided free after much argument.
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    EE Signal Box

    It is an EE signal box. Have been an Orange customer since 2000. Had good coverage around the farm and in the farmhouse until last September when the signal disappeared in the house and diminished greatly outside. It took from then until a week or so ago for them to provide one. Their customer...