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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Just a personal opinion but I think every government round the world is trying to hold the market back and probably all the institutions have helped by selling off and pocketing a big profit recently but eventually when harvest is done in the northern hemisphere and all the weather problems for...
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    carbon audit

    Had a look at one of the companies on here but it seems to rule us out as we still plough. 4 years out of seven.
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    carbon audit

    Personally monetising any scheme is going to lead to problems. When I first heard that Farm Assured years ago was to be to sold on to companies to make a profit I felt it had lost its way. It should always have been a not for profit company overseeing our legal standards that's all instead...
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    Farm assurance screw up

    Funnily enough paid my subscription by bank transfer back in May and only got receipted invoice last Fridsy
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    carbon audit

    Am never going to do a carbon audit till I see an equally honest one for the cars on the road and the aircraft in the sky. Once I see them I will do one.Farming is just a soft touch and the soaring price of all these carbon producing inputs will probably lead to a big reduction in their use and...
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    Livestock farmers- views on climate and ruminants

    And Arctic ice up to end of January this year had one of its best winter recoveries in both extent and volume this century as we lost the brown insulating ring of pollution from the edge of earths atmosphere which allowed more heat to radiate to space above the Arctic after almost two years of...
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    Severe red heat warning.....

    I think the air having originated over Sahara desert is going to be very dry with very low dewpoints so rain from thunderstorms seems to be unlikely. However there may be dry thunderstorms as the heat is pushed away making fires in dead vegetation more likely. With such dry heat daytimes...
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    I finished Agri college in 75 and a friend from those days paid cash for the neighbouring farm from the proceeds of 60 acres of tatties.In my own small way I did a mile of new fencing,bought a new tractor loader and fitted a new safety cab onto an older tractor with the proceeds of 2acres of...
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    Fuel price tracker

    I think he meant white diesel.
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    Fuel price tracker

    My local agricultural diesel supplier sent an e mail asking for farm code. Never been asked for this before.First steps on the way to rationing? Last delivery lorry drive I spoke to told me thay had run out of commercial diesel in their storage tanks for a few days 6 weeks ago.
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    Highland show tickets, online.

    According to my daughter who lives in Edinburgh they did all right hiring out to the Scottish Government various buildings as vaccination centre so covid wasn"t all doom and gloom for them.
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    Worlds gone f***ing mad!

    Well said there are nearly 60% less cattle in my neck of the woods than there were in the sixties when I was a kid. We are not the problem. At any one time currently there are 283,000 aircraft in the sky round the world .Certainly not 60% less aircraft or human beings or cars, than in the...
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    Red Clover

    Dropped red clover in early seventies as could not get it to dry out fast enough to make hay for horses but now modern mower conditioners make it cure at the same rate as the grasses. Restarted it in 2008 during the last fertiliser price shock and now use it when rotation demands it in all new...
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    Swallows 2022

    We now have three swallows although no sign of any swifts yet in the house.
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    Swallows 2022

    Just one swallow here about one week later than usual two days ago