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    Aga oil consumption

    If you turn off the power to it, it goes into low flame by default, then when you turn it back on it will go back up to the set temp on the thermostat. (On an oil aga with an "electric top" type of controller). The only problem being it takes about 4 hours to get up to temperature.
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    What kind of parasitic worms are these??

    Likely an intestinal fluke, maybe trematode.
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    Electricity tariffs/Prices

    That's what I was thinking. Genny on for weekday daytime or peak loads, off weekends and nights. Wait for price to drop.
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    Anyone know what this is

    Ultimate ears boom speaker
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    Samsung phone broken screen

    Yes, don't try to do just the glass, you end up breaking of it trying to get it off. Just get digitiser included. Be very careful with the ribbons to the camera speaker etc, managed to fubar my daughters iPhone speaker while changing the screen. Quite enjoy doing it though, and when you can do...
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    Any one else panicking

    Wonder how much extra fuel has been used today with all the queuing traffic and unnecessary trips to the fuel stations?
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    Any one else panicking

    Sitting in the queue with their engines running no doubt. 🙄
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    Pig movements ?

    Exactly that, force majeure. Ever since last fuel price rally they have added clauses in to the contracts to cover energy price issues.
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    Poultry/Pig silo remote mentoring

    Would have thought that dust would cover the laser lens very quickly, leading to accuracy and or operational problems. I have no experience of them though.
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    Pig movements ?

    Phone call today from Forfarmers, all prices up £5 per tonne contract or not, to cover driver salary increases and energy cost increases. I shall phone my pig buyer and tell him that I am putting the price of my pigs up by £2.50 to cover it 🤣
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    Samsung phone broken screen Takes about an hour to replace first time, about 1/2 hour for the second time around.
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    Hilux 2013 3.0d died while driving

    Well mine was definitely empty and I got £120 in it!
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    Hilux 2013 3.0d died while driving

    Update, just back from garage. Diagnostics zero fuel pressure. I Had taken a pipe off the fuel filter and pumped the primer plenty of fuel coming through, but as others have said, needs more. In the end I pumped primer while mechanic turned engine over and after about 30 seconds it went. Gold...
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    100,000 pigs to be destroyed

    🤣 Yes quite,,,,Lies and damned statistics, that is exactly what I just said 🤣
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    100,000 pigs to be destroyed

    So the average herd size is 40 sows The largest 1000 farms average 360 sows So what would the flock size for the largest 1000 sheep farmers in the country be?