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    My First Tractor

    Yes , it did say that was the only reason Perkins was used.
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    Massy fergurson 550 cab paint

    Silvermist is the name of it.
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    Fendt TS 80 Backhoe

    15k hours with the council is probably about 5k anywhere else.
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    Fendt TS 80 Backhoe

    He was the official Massey Ferguson photographer. :giggle: Best of luck with the digger.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Whats the difference between a 7910 and 8210 ? Heavier back end ?
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    Fendt TS 80 Backhoe

    No offence intended but you're no Ted Everett.
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    Unconventional milking times

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    Changing wheels

    Really , you sure thats right?30% seems a big increase.
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    Changing wheels

    TBH l am not really sure. All l know is when we bought it at 10 years old in 1988 it came on 13.6x38 12.4x36 seems very small for a 66 hp tractor even in 1978.
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    Changing wheels

    My MF 575 is on 13.6x38 and the tyres are totally gone in both sidewall and thread. Been on the lookout for 2nd hand replacements for a bit. Have been offered a pair of 16.9x38 wheels & tyres at decent price. I know 16.9x34 would be the correct size for this tractor but would there be any issues...
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    One for southern England & Wales and one for northern England & Scotland perhaps?
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    The Farm Dog

    Thanks. Left one is 7 years and and the more serious of the two Right one is 5 y.o. and a more bubbly personality . Not related.
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    The Farm Dog

    Finally got them to sit together for more than 2 seconds.
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    7.5 ton lorry

    Thanks for all replies. Have test driven a dozen or so at this stage and cant say l ve found a preference for any particular brand. Not quite fallen on the right one yet so the search continues.
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    7.5 ton lorry

    Good evening. Been considering for some time now , the purchase of small truck (flatbed) for bringing tractor & plough to matches and so on. No big budget so looking at 20 year old or so. Will be only doing approx 1000 miles p.a. It seems the bulk of them are MAN , Merc , DAF or Iveco. Anyone...

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