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    Deere or Fendt

    In reference to your final paragraph , you are dead right My 1989 311(that l still have) uses less fuel than any of my tractors since ( on the same job). Those screens tell lies every day . I always measure fuel in so l know what they consume. Also lets not forget VW. And also ( if l may OP )...
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    Hip replacement- anyone had it done?

    I would very strongly recommend that you get a second and maybe third opinion. I would never undergo a serious operation on just one doctors advice.
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    sunglasses do you wear them?

    Cant stand the bloody things. Tried many different ones in the past and without exception within an hour of putting them on l had headaches and dizziness. Remove them and symptoms dissappear in under 5 mins. Havent worn any in over 20 years and never will again.
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    What’s New in TFF Version 2

    Ok ok l believe you as both your IT skills are light years ahead of mine for sure. Furthermore its working perfectly fine for me eversince it returned so thats all that matters at the end of the day. Thanks for all the effort to the backroom men/women.
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    What’s New in TFF Version 2

    Good to see TFF back. The first days of v2 were for me a case of "Honey l shrunk the forum" . No amount of fiddling on my part could make it usable so l just didnt use it for a few days. Then a couple of days ago l logged in and everything seemed back to the same size as before without any input...
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    Video: Fendt Ideal 9T 13.70m in action in France

    I doubt Katarina is quaking in her boots..........not just yet anyway.
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    A simpleton's guide to guns...

    I am ambidextrous and can shoot equally comfortably from left or right shoulder , but also dont have a consistent dominant eye so on the rare occassion l connect with a shotgun it is most probably fluke. Therefore a rifle suits me way better.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    " My momma told me , there'd be days like these " ( Van Morrison ):(
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    Claas Arion 600 series

    Prefer the top pic colour scheme too. Beats the pants off the drab standard claas livery.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Aye it must be very satisfying to have got it sorted and definitely dont sell it now cos no other tractor will give you that sentimental link to the past.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    10/10 for perseverence. Think l would have given up and sent it down the road. A persistant troublemaker can be very trying on the nerves. However if QC were doing their job , it would have never left the factory , but l understand of course they cant check everything on every one.
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    New hedger

    Could well be. Very thin on the ground over here . Currently only one dealer covering the whole country AFAIK.
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    New hedger

    Very helpful thanks.
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    New hedger

    Good idea but they never seem to have one when l want it. l have demoed other implements but not managed to get a cutter yet.
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    New hedger

    Lots of dots there , not sure what they mean (n). I expected i would miss the tele a bit but "find it very difficult" is that not maybe a bit strong ?

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