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    Fife wild goose chase

    thanks for that Thorpe, bit far to travel for myself that unless it was a good few days on the go.
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    Fife wild goose chase

    Im still searching for a patch to have a pop at geese here in Fife now and again.Get in touch if you can help in that regard.
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    Pigeon problem

    I have new shifts at my work these days so im free a lot more to be out and about.Anyone with pigeon problems ,Fife, feel free to give me a shout.Having shot a good few local farms no prob with references if needed,.
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    Goose/pigeon shooting wanted Fife

    Ive shot Fife farms since i was a boy and know ,through my old mans permissions a long time ago many farms in north east Fife .In this day and age its hard to find a place to have a pop at geese or pigeon as we used to because of this or that changing the other etc. but none the less i thought...