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    Dodgy beetle grain rejection

    I think you can do a special kind of search for matching pictures on the inter web thingy. May be worth a look!
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    58 day old calve with TB!

    sh!t happens. Unlucky to have bought one in but hopefully it will be your only case. Most likely it's dam had lesions in the udder. Tb infected milk fed to calves can cause massive our breaks, hence why testing goes down to 42 days. Think carefully about what you and the industry have to gain...
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    Livestock handling pens, wash down

    Do you own a vaccuum tanker at present? Do you have a dung spreader? Do you have a brown water system? We built a sump which we can empty the solids with a JCB and the liquid runs to the brown water system avoiding the expense of a working tanker.
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    All things Dairy

    If done enough times will most likely tell you if you have it, but does nothing to control it. Vet once told me it will be easier to eradicate Tb than Johnes!
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    Water pipe under road

    I have successfully pushed 2 pipes under tracks, where there are no services. My insurance is good, but not that good!
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    Water pipe under road

    Medium pressure gas main and fibre optic make it quite risky. Agreed but the gas main has been replaced since the Victorians installed my water pipe. There is no guaranteed of any space between the two. Tried to pull out a short section of the same pipe a few years ago, either the pipe broke...
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    Water pipe under road

    Need to replace our private supply under a B road. Cannot mole as there is a medium pressure gas main in the middle of the road. Can any one recommend a company to dig up the road. SN6 area ideally or a national company with local depots. I am sure there are plenty with Irish names but I'd like...
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    Friesian steers silage based diet

    Either store them on silage only and fatten them out at grass next year, or poke a decent amount of hard feed into them and get them finished.
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    All things Dairy

    They give them at the RAC so shouldn't be a problem!
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    Any drainage experts on here

    Just repaired a drain where those had been used to patch an old system. They were all broken, just collapsed, the older smooth clay ones were fine.
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    All things Dairy

    Hanging baskets and whitewash make it look like a house!
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    All things Dairy

    Are you letting the cows into the house to milk?
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    New toy day

    Laces and zip?
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    New toy day

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    What's this?

    Hole up middle is at least half as big as the pin.