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    Dog 🐕 on quad .

    Just back from Australia and their " H and S" have just announced that quads will have to be fitted with roll bars from end of 2021, yes honestly !! I think it was Honda and Can Am have stated they will pull out of Aus rather than fit roll bars as they think it makes the bike and rider more...
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    Plans for 2020?

    Yes, how did you guess !!!!!
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    Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year !

    Seasons Greetings everyone !!!
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    Plans for 2020?

    Landlord wants to turn farm into a nature reserve via new FBT so 2020 maybe my last year doing arable farming before I become a glorified caretaker/ ranger ! Still have contract spraying round and drive other people's machines.
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    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    What I have nt heard from anybody is that these fires are moving east mostly I guess so if you take the ones nearest Sydney is there a natural feature that will eventually stop the spread east or is it just going to keep going until it reaches the ocean ? Sorry if it's a bit simple but never...
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    Dribble bars..

    I contract apply over a 1000 tonnes of liquid fert on plenty of slopes and hills but have never seen a difference across the boom as in the picture. I have always used Accurate bars from and on Bateman sprayer . Did seriously look at the Autostreamers but decided to keep it simple and proven. It...
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    The future of arable cropping

    Sorry if this is slightly off thread but I have often wondered when I read on here and have seen first hand in the states but how do they get away with growing soya beans so often (double cropped) and so close in rotation. There must be problems with soil borne disease but they seem to carry on...
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    It got mentioned earlier and I hope I m not revealing company secrets[I m just a customer for 24 years] but the way Bateman organise the service side is that they have around 14 vans and guys [taken more on recently]. Around half will return thursday evening or first thing friday to Devon and...
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    Un cut linseed

    Had to deliver a load of hay about 18 miles from home in an area that I know and contract spray in but have nt been that way for 4 months and was very surprised to see a couple fields of un cut linseed and two more which were partly done ! Still standing but would think its a write off . Any...
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    Don't Drive your Tractor to the pub

    @CornishTone , I don t know if this is the same cop but yes we did have a real tool a few years ago who basically targetted tractors . At harvest he would wait about 2 miles from a Co Op central store and follow you until just short of entrance,pull you over and check and then come in demanding...
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    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Heading to Aus in two weeks. What sites or news channels would be best to know where the wild fires are or road closures etc. I m guessing Blue Mountain area is bad at the moment ? Thanks
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    What happens to older tractors?

    Bought a 12 yo JCB Fastrac 2155 month ago , lovely bit of kit and just as capable as a modern £100 k plus tractor .
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    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    She is going to be a very rich lady and deserves it if she can scale it up right.
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    Importing a combine from france

    No idea if its any use, but a firm near Taunton called Quantock Farm Machinery has a farm in France and the owner runs a artic low loader and imports/ exports machinery every week . Maybe worth giving them a ring as he may be able to either give advice or actually do the job for you. Number is...
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    Triton Drill - design discussion

    @mikep , what you need is traction engines on opposite headlands and winch theTriton back and forth !

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