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    Cattle crush weigh cells

    Never heard of them ? Are you using them quite frequently?
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    Cattle crush weigh cells

    What’s the thoughts on the best brand of weighcells ? Gallagher or Tru-test ? Done a fair bit with Tru test stuff they are ok but not perfect ! No experience with Gallagher at all .
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    There’s signs up o There is signs on the road between Annan and Canonbie too I noticed ! I’ve seen a few dead ones up here too !
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Definitely bird flu
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    Water filtration system ideas

    Galloway water filtration . It might be a bit far for them but worth a try
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    What pump for Livestock Trailer washing

    Have you a rough price for one of these ?
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    Best brand of chainsaw to buy

    I was very sceptical when I bought a Hyundai but after 3 years of fairly regular abuse it’s still going strong. Could buy 3or4 of them for the price of similar husky or Stihl and when it gets stolen or broken I wouldn’t be too concerned ! I did buy a stihl 2in1 sharpener and the ability to keep...
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    Weigh cells

    You could use something similar to an oil tank watchman possibly ?
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    Reliable Hot pressure washer?

    Nixon all day long
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    Z purlins

    Thank you
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    Z purlins

    Hi , don’t use fb . How many and how much ? Cheers
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    Z purlins

    Does anyone know where / if I could get 10metre z purlins ? A rough price would be excellent too !
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    J f engineering

    Has anyone had any dealings with jf engineering Milton Keynes ? Looking at a tractor with them but it’s a long way for me to go ..
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    Heavy duty loader bucket

    You must be really clever
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    Heavy duty loader bucket

    Hi , has anyone got any ideas on who makes a good solid loader bucket . I have a quickie at the moment but could do with a heavier duty one . I seem to be at the current one with the welder more than I would like …