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    Worst courier firm

    Driver Hopelessly Lost.
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    Combining grain maize

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    £200/t wheat ...

    There yer go.......
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    Harvest date prediction?

    Askham bar, York earlier on today
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    Bathurst Estate, YouTube video.

    This one?
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    Boots giving ankle support?

    Haix combat high liability
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    Boots giving ankle support?

    Yes, cannot find exact seller, but loads of choice anyway. I tend to get grade 1, big discount to new and broken in by others!
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    Boots giving ankle support?

    Cold,wet weather version, awesome boots.
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    Do fishermen have it easy

    Boy Andrew/ Opportune?
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    Sage or wise advice in farming.

    Measure twice , cut once.
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    How do you manage Haulage companies?
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    Ratchet straps

    These ones? Got to be easier than trying to thread frayed ends through ratchets, esp. with cold wet hands.
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    how to wear layers for cold weather?

    Not tried heated socks, but do have Armadillo merino socks which are brilliant, go for the heavy wool bootsock, top tip- they usually have a "12 days of Christmas" sale in December where a different item is half price on each of the days, their beanies are brilliant too for some thing so light...
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    Rat bait

    This, with a smear of peanut butter if using throwpacks,