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    BG 2020

    16 April, near Howden, East Yorks.
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    JE Hartley Frozen Veg

    Hartley’s have 100% control of how are peas are grown and harvested selecting up to 200 fields each year from a pool of 20,000 hectares of land in the vale of York and along the length of the Magnesian limestone belt. Each year 60 land suppliers provide 2100 hectares of land for growing peas...
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    A month without rain?

    This 100%, seems far more accurate than Met office, looking like it might be giving @Wombat a bit at the moment, hope so. We have had 5mm so far.
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    This Morning's Upgrade

    Left hand drive too.........
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    Feedback Please for Direct Driller Magazine

    Done, only takes a couple of minutes.
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    BT Internet Blues

    Did near enough this a couple of years ago, Solwise external omni antenna plugged in to a router with EE sim, homeplugs to move it round the house, £28/month for 100gb which we never manage to use up. BT offered "up to 1mb/s" for £22/month errr, no thanks.
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    Groundswell 2019

    Thanks for that, I'll have a look on YouTube to see how to upload them there. Technology not my strongest suit tbh
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    Groundswell 2019

    Got a couple of short videos of it working if someone would be so kind as to explain how to upload them, or point me in the right direction for instructions on TFF? Cheers
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    Conservation Thread

    We have had a "vole year" round these parts this year, think all birds of prey have had a decent year. Do you mind me asking what model Browning trail cam your using?
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    Groundswell 2019

    There you go
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    Conservation Thread

    Large Red Slug Name: Arion rufus Size: 6-15cm when mature Appearance: Colour can be extremely variable, even within individual populations. Most commonly it is grey or orange, but extreme morphs of black and almost white are rarely recorded. The foot fringe is virtually always bright orange...
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    Conservation Thread

    Any clues as to what lives here, some sort of caterpillar?

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