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    Donald Trump - views

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    Donald Trump - views

    It’s worth looking at his track record regarding returns to investors before parting with any $
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    Donald Trump - views

    He apparently has loans totalling several hundred million of dollars that need renewing shortly. It will be interesting how his fortunes fare, he’s made himself toxic
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    Mole Valley sheds any good?

    Mole valley have their own engineering works, we have a 140 x 50 shed made by them in 2005 and there is nothing wrong with it. Mole valley engineering were good value and good quality when we traded with them in the mid 2000s, their prices seemed to have increased in line with others and they...
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    How long will it take for concrete to cure.

    If the temperature gets below freezing it is important to insulate it to stop the water in it freezing and breaking up the surface
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    Ford TW pickup hitch

    I know a guy who fitted an extending hitch off a John Deere 6820 to a tw25, just needed to drill new holes in the hitch and modify lift rods
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    18,000 hour fendt

    Wonder what the depreciation on that Leyland would be, would they have been more than £6200 new?
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    USA Election...………..Fallout!!

    It’s because a lot of people have totally lost trust in the media and government, probably justifiably so. They then blindly look for a saviour, it’s an amazing bit of irony that they have chosen a conman-predator as their messiah. They have no interest in facts or evidence. Rumours, lies and...
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    USA Election...………..Fallout!!

    Do you think cap fits writes for the Washington Post?
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    Trailer Floor- Steel thickness

    Mine are 5 mm with cross members at 500 mm
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    Fuel price tracker

    45.5 for red today, wish I’d got some a month ago
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    USA Election...………..Fallout!!

    I wonder when the Trump donors will realise they’ve been had
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    Roller screeds

    What will happen if the concrete is not vibrated when using a roller screed? We used one to build a silage pit nearly 20 years ago and I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with it
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    Chris at it again

    If Christ came here and saw the hedges I haven’t cut for 3 years he’d still find something for contempt

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