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    New toy day

    Let me knw what you thnk of it please. Have you bought it or on demo?
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    Doosan road compressor

    Got one from Centa Transmissions £177+vat
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    Jcb 3cx driver prices - Pembrokeshire wales.

    £35hr and your fuel here
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    New toy day

    Hell of a buckrake on the front of it too😁
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    Which excavator?

    You have bought the best then???
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    Briggs and stratton flywheel

    Looking for a flywheel for old Briggs and Stratton engine off a Lely Bale elevator. Photo of engine number attached Thanks
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    Merlo fork-lift tines.

    Seen some with Brodyr Evans in Llanrystyd the other day. Speak to Elgan
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    New Holland T6.175 autocommand vs Fendt 516

    Thats so much cheaper than saying £90k?
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    JD telehandler

    Dont know, I had the engine running, there were no sounds when tried to extend, hydraulic's didnt pump etc. They did pump when pressed retract though
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    JD telehandler

    Only need handler for bit of pallet and bucket work for building works, wont be used to do farm work. The JD is a tidy machine but I'm a bit put off by parts availability though. Tidy dealers for JD and Merlo in the area
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    JD telehandler

    Hi all I looked at a used jd 3400 telehandler thats for sale last week. 52reg 6300hours. Was a builders machine. Its in tidy condition, steering and ball joints tight. Everything works except boom wont extend, it does pump to retract but nothing happens when you try to extend. Whats your...
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    My First Tractor

    674's had the TA. Handbrake was another poor part with them, would wear it out if drove 5metres with it on. Was easy to do as only had a small warning light on the dash
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    Sealing tubeless tyres

    Put some grease around bead, will usually seal it enough to get it blow up
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    Rubble crusher

    Where are you?
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    Me too?

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