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    Dont include me in that, but I do agree with your chocolate comment
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    Self-Employed or Employed

    E Employer should provide you with a P45 when you finish which should record all details of pay, tax and nic you have earned/paid in the 2019/20 tax year.
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    I take this to be ironic.
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    She is what I believe are referred to as a one nation conservative. She described bojo as a parasitic chancer who would lie at the drop of a hat if he felt it would advance his position, definitely not a gentleman. I did agree with her that he has a long recorded history of lying beyond that I...
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    Labours Ten New National Parks... what do you reckon

    You say Corbyn is a supporter of terrorism which shows it is you who have been played by the UK media. If you were to actually establish the facts you would be aware that it he was a major player in facilitating the good Friday agreement. That he was more open about his involvement than Maggie...
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    Millions of trees to be planted,

    Planted 30 white hornbeam 6 years ago, advised best suited to our soils, for numerous reasons now down to 12 doing well, if that is repeated across the board suggest need to plant 2.5 trees to get 1, anyone know if that is a realistic figure?
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    That is a problem for many, a friend life long conservative made identical comment due to Boris et al whom she does not consider conservative.
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    Labours Ten New National Parks... what do you reckon

    You miss the point, this was a party leaders debate. Whilst a minister is assigned to a specific policy area this does not make them a specialist, they have working to them the specialists who brief them. Occasionally one does see a minister appointed who has specialist knowledge of the policy...
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    Labours Ten New National Parks... what do you reckon

    I have to say my experience suggests most senior Tories are now as you describe, nutjobs!
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    Labours Ten New National Parks... what do you reckon

    So what was wrong with that, two leaders chose not to turn up, Gove is not a party leader, so what's the issue. I see bojo also doesn't fancy facing Andrew Neil, not sure why as Neil is a good right winger so shouldn't be a problem unless of course he does the usual ask the question and talk...
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    Labours Ten New National Parks... what do you reckon

    Explain how? Boris refused to appear as had urgent need to attend unveiling of a statue! Sent Gove and television crew along, Gove who is not party leader turned up for party leader debate on climate change. Now comrades Gove et al threatening review of channel 4 licence.
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    Finish Lambs inside??

    Accept they will usually check for a couple of weeks. We brought batch of culls and ewe lambs into polytunnel 2.5wks ago having been paddling out in waterlogged fields. Will draw some this weekend. Ram lambs on seeds doing ok. Last month been a trial all round.
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    Labours Ten New National Parks... what do you reckon

    In cotswolds we already have the planning restrictions, dog walkers and grockles everywhere, inflated prices as occasional London visitors buy up local properties wishing to own their own rarely used rural idyll. What changes would there be if a national park authority was added to the mix?
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    Rural Police Response

    We were robbed 3 times in 12 months, after second visit were offered smart water to go along with our liberal use of twose yellow paint and post coding everything that could be stamped. Despite leaving a number of messages pcso tasked with sorting smart water failed to respond. In contrast one...
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    Family farms - how do you cope?

    But then my fil wouldn't be able to feed all his pet coos!🙄

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