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    Who will take over

    I fear you are significantly out of touch. Many govt departments had zero pay rises for 4 years followed by 1% cap such that those on bottom of scale might get 1.5% those on top 0.5%. No increments for 7 years. Bear in mind increments were to reflect build up of experience over 7 plus years to...
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    Who will take over

    Think you mean the new schemes are not as generous.
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    Fight fire with fire ?

    Never ate margarine after smelling the van den burgh factory at port sunlight, smelled like an old diesel engine!
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    Fight fire with fire ?

    Quite right that is why you should buy proper meat sausages. Recipe we have done for us excludes all fillers as most contain gluten which disagrees with me. Taste is very different from low meat content sausages.
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    Taking off triplets - Why do we bother?

    You should see the difference locally with Hampshire crosses, we used to put in stonking lambs which were always 5/6p per kilo behind the market average. Wish I had put them in d/wt in hindsight.
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    London Uni Campus Beef Ban

    Highly unlikely, muslims are major consumers of red meat but do not eat pig based products for historical religious reasons based on health concerns.
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    Best way to mortgage house

    Also take care of 3% sdlt uplift if any of the purchasers already own a property (england) not sure of Welsh and Scottish equivalent.
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    “US promises fast-track trade deals after Brexit”

    Don't think you have to watch Stoke or very few would claim bps!
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    “US promises fast-track trade deals after Brexit”

    Wrong, rb211 fiasco meant Lloyd's bank pulled plug on their loan facilities this meant db who were buying j I case ended up being bought for a song by j I case who followed usual American practice of drawing dividends from its subsidiary, restricting investment and preventing development of...
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    Treatment programmes (for shedding sheep)

    Depends on starting point. We had lleyns selected for clear bellies over a number of years, most of their offspring to very clean shedder were full shedders. Some had a blanket of wool on back second cross full shedders. Kept some texel cross woolshedders last year again nearly all full...
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    Treatment programmes (for shedding sheep)

    Ditto this program save our crosses are texel
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    Livestock buildings near Residential properties

    Father in law just replaced a couple of old hay sheds and lean to with much more useable 21ft to eves shed half for hay half for cattle. When weekenders complained about cattle he told them I had asked him to use it for b and b pigs, all of a sudden cows seemed attractive. None of the weekenders...
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    New Defender - Land rover micro site

    Saw a number of swb versions this am whilst taking call in layby in south warwickshire. Clearly discernable shape despite zebra camouflage. Look a more practical proposition than old 90 being wider and good size rear door. On steel wheels looked fine, quiet although running on not most...
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    How do I breed my own wool shedders?

    Heard he built his own abbattoir

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