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    Kubota spare parts

    Unfortunately it’s a common enough issue with newer Kubota engines fitted with a DPF, especially when they don’t get regularly hot enough to do a proper burn. Hire fleets must love them :dead: Not really heard much from CES either. Bought several bits and pieces from them, had some more quotes...
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    Security lights help please

    I believe (but I’m by no means an expert on them), is that it’s down to the sensors sensitivity of the infra red heat “signature” it’s detecting. Windy weather plays havoc, as these sensors are (generally) pretty cheap and are fairly blunt in their measurement of changes in the heat patterns...
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    Kubota spare parts

    Almost bought an KX080 8 tonner from them, lovely machine but was put off by the DPF on the then newly introduced Tier4 engines. Bought a Volvo from CES instead. I should have said, Hosplant cut their teeth on Takeuchi diggers (rather than Kubota), and were one of their biggest dealers, but...
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    Kubota spare parts

    Depends where in the country you are. I split my Kubota spares shopping between.. 1. TNS, my local ag dealer, that holds Kubota groundcare / amenity franchise 2. Cautrac, based outside of Colchester, they also have a depot in Bolton if you’re up that way 3. Hosplant, also in Essex, as said...
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    Not necessarily. It could be locally generated H2 if it came to that.
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    ...yeh here it is. £400M pot managed by the DFT :nailbiting:
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    The DNOs will want paying to bolster and future-proof the local grid capability to support local high-speed and ultra high speed charging. Now, unless I was dreaming, there was supposed to be a national infrastructure fund to pay for some of this, I recall reading about it a few months ago, but...
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    CCTV Cameras

    Have you got any remote alarm or CCTV installed yet? I’d install 1. A break-beam perimeter sensor 2. a remote SMS/alerting alarm with a *pair* of 127dB master blaster klaxon sirens & some high power strobe lights 3. A couple of CCTV cameras with off site recording and motion detection. With...
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    Stobarts a case in point ?

    Sure, but there’s easily 100x more trucks/lorries on the road than tractors though. Chances of getting killed by a truck are far higher than with a tractor, purely based on numbers on the road 24/7.
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    ABS Brakes

    I see it like a pyramid that should be done in order 1. correctly sized foundation brakes with S-cam (commercial axles) 2. Slack adjusters, automatic 3. Air brake (or combo air/oil chambers if you must share your trailer with neighbours!) - however air only in combination with fitting an LSV...
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    Workshop air line and work bench

    Last time I did it, just took the droppers straight down using plain T’s. At the bottom of the dropper I had a brass drain off valve. I’d fit another T about 6 inches above the drain off valve and then mount a reg/filter unit with outlet to the side of the T
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    Workshop air line and work bench

    Big air (no jokes) makes a lot more sense in a ‘factory’ environment where you share the use with lots of users. The tools can be made tougher and it’s a pretty safe way of moving energy around. Though the compressors are mostly rotary screw type and variable speed to match the load. They’re...
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    Suggesting TFF to high profile media folk "Good or Bad" to learn about Farming ? good or bad

    They’re already here (and have been for quite a while)! Perhaps just lurking or looking, scoping or checking on the vibe. They’re sniffing around alright TFF already gets referenced, even if not explicitly acknowledged, in the (mainstream UK) press Not to forget TFF is after all an open...
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    Air drills ran on oil

    Yeh flow is always better adjusted at the spool, where you can. Stops heating the oil unnecessarily (and wasting power/fuel) too, which is what you’re doing when you shove it through a restriction.
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    Ad blue usage

    As above a DPF is a “closed” honeycomb of ceramic that traps the soot. It’s a fancy sock. It will eventually fill up with enough soot that it needs to burn this off, aka “a regeneration”. Even so after x regenerations they eventually bung up with the resulting ash from burning the soot, and you...

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