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    Shearing 2021

    anyone know how long after applying dysect it is safe to shear ? cant see on bottle
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Think they stopped doing it now , I’ve been happy with last 4 lots of mine that have gone was pee'd off just about every time previously mind
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    Sheep wintering

    I'm sure the answer is probably no but any of you nice dairy farmers in north yorks / north east area have any sheep grazing available later in the year? please PM if any. thanks
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    Hoofsure Endurance

    when I had CODD the only thing that worked was injectable, mainly only the fecking expensive ones at that , was surprised to see the claims that this will treat it but maybe not ...
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    Hoofsure Endurance

    does one bath in it sort scald ? how often were you bathing for codd?
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    Hoofsure Endurance

    Anyone use this stuff on sheep? any good? claims to work on all foot issues including codd? tempted to give it a try this wekend as have lambs with scald .
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    Woke anti-agricultural brigade

    cant find a contact us section to send them any abuse:( edit. found it
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    Woke anti-agricultural brigade

    I never buy the labelled ones , prefer my orange juice with a bit of meat in it.
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    Woke anti-agricultural brigade

    thought the same but I doubt he is being brought in to be on our side unfortunately , cant be much worse than Eustice though.
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    Woke anti-agricultural brigade

    I have developed a mild case of Tourette syndrome , when ever I read the words plant based I uncontrollably shout f*ck off , has happened in public a few times.
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    Fencing: How do you do yours?

    Where in Yorkshire are you ? im looking for land to rent ....
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    Farmer moves parked car

    You cant park there sir
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    Grass wanted to rent near Thirsk

    still looking ...
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    June Census I smell a rat

    Do we get a bollocking if we don’t fill it in ? I accidentally put mine on the bonfire this afternoon , my wife says I’m going to be in the sh!t now ?