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    Red Tractor liars

    I have successfully argued this for the last 4-5 years and have only had to have minor beef sorry for the aside
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    Any drainage experts on here

    thats the problem weve had with a lot of our rented ground - drains are all there, just buried under 6"-12" of mud where ditches havent been cleared for years. Transformed the ground where we have got the drains working again.
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    ELMS: Learning the lessons from history.

    As is the case with many other schemes, the main beneficiary will be the facilitators, consultants and providers of advice. As it stands, I think we are better off avoiding all the crap for token payment and concentrate on doing our job as well as we can.
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    Einbock grass seeder problems

    Only time we have had an issue is when we forget to put the fan on. I'd be checking for an air leak. Could the pipes have already been blocked when you bought it?
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    Omsco dropping another 2p

    I completely agree! Going PWAB is not a cheap exercise.
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    Strip Tillage and Poultry Manure

    Which contractor please? PM if you prefer
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    Strip Tillage and Poultry Manure

    what spreader are you using? Is it your machine or do you use a contractor? Thanks
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    ELMS: Parliamentary call for evidence

    They rang me the other day to ask if I was going ahead with the SFI pilot application. When I said I was not I was invited to give reasons - "pin back your lugholes!" :ROFLMAO: Do you think they may be struggling to get enough participants to make it a worthwhile exercise?
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    So who has started drilling ?

    I have allowed myself to be persuaded by my boys to drill much earlier than I normally would. W barley all in apart from some seed yet to be delivered, well on with first wheat.
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    Will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme? - 21/09/21

    Wow - a no vote here after having applied for the SFI initially. After reading into it have not applied and will avoid the final roll out on what I know at the moment. Somewhat surprised at the magnitude of the result of the poll
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    Drugs found in Milk

    I am aware of a case where the same thing happened, except the farm owner wasnt having any of it! He was damn sure he wasnt responsible for the contamination and demanded that they identify the type of antibiotic. The vets backed him and the long and short of it was that after a protracted...
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    Guy Smith's response to FW article on AIC rules.

    Incidentally, I spoke to the county chair as you suggested- ‘busy lambing’ - fair enough, ‘call you when I’m finished’ - but not heard a word since
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    Guy Smith's response to FW article on AIC rules.

    I and several others I know of have cancelled our membership and our not inconsiderable insurance policies. The insurance policy loss won’t worry the nfu but it sure concentrates the minds of the group secretaries who I know pass back the reasons why they have been cancelled.
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    Fair play to FW for tackling AIC issue head on.

    Well done - but go one better and tell the local secretary why you have decided not to reoin. That information IS getting passed back so that the message is getting through.