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    things that make you smile

    Which reminds me, I've left my delivery from them on the doorstep today...
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    things that make you smile

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    Insurance quote shock

    We've done the same adding me to my daughters' insurances. I do very occasionally drive theirs though.
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    Animal rebellion protest - lovely

    Beats being eaten to death.
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    Insurance quote shock

    Even time of day you request a price can make a difference.
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    The new Range Rover…😍

    Whats with the seemingly unedited bit of the vid around 2 mins 15?
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    Blenky resigns?

    Indeed, me too. I would say gone same way. Can get both wellies and fencer batteries less than 2/3 the price (same brands) delivered to my door. Dog food similar.
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    Blenky resigns?

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    Blenky resigns?

    At Groundswell in 2019 Alan Savory talked of large organisations taking on a life of their own, with even well meaning individuals getting sucked in and swept along with the self preservation of the organisation. Forget all his terminology on the subject, but seems to me the NFU, and RT are a...
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    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    Surely its just making up for last spring? Latest turnout ever here.
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    Has it started again ?

    Apart from April and May (latest turnout here for a long time) I'd agree. January was pretty wet too, but it was winter🙄
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    Government Policy towards net Zero

    And the sad thing is its probably doing naff all to stop climate change.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Sorry to hear that. Good looking stock. Toying with trying an Angus bull. If I decide to I'll be in touch.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Yep, not keen on selling singles for same reason.
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    Pig feed

    There was provision under the beef and lamb assurance to be able to feed homegrown cereals without the arable side being assured. Presume this still applies but don't know if this applies with pig assurance. Worth asking your assurance body I'd say.