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    DMax vs Hilux

    I saw on Facebook last week that Isuzu have launched an extended cab with auto box. Trek Trucks Sheffield have one in stock
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    Mole ploughing 20mm blue pipe

    I have had 500m rolls from JDP, manufactured by Peak Pipe Systems. Saves a lot of joining
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    Proper name for thingamajig?

    I have seen the exact same devices used on a farm near Henley on Thames. I was working on the next door property so couldn't get any info on where it was from unfortunately
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    Lard will be making a comeback
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    That smell…

    Shampooing the dog in Tomato Ketchup gets rid of the smell of Fox sh!t after its had a roll. Might work on your hands
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    Global Wheat Shortage due to Ukraine War

    The food and health podcasts I have listened to all say the same thing. Your diet should be made up of as big a variety of plants (fruit, veg, legumes, nuts, seeds etc) as possible, meat isn't bad but maybe shouldn't be the largest part of your meal. And the key thing is you should be able to...
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    Global Wheat Shortage due to Ukraine War

    I guessed at an abbreviation for "million"?
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    Russian/ukraine war predictions

    Matt Frei on LBC/Ch4 news had some interesting background on Kyiv Rus, It's Christianisation, and how that may be forming Putin's plans. Kyiv predates Moscow The suggestion Kyiv is a temple mount for Orthodox Christians, so is that maybe why he hasn't blown it to bits yet? Will Putin settle...
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    Radio 4 PM Programme, 2022 year of discussing meat

    Apologies if other threads are discussing this. But did anyone else hear the forthcoming yearlong discussion on meat? It's beyond my skillset to get involved but it needs strong input to push back on any Red Herrings Tease at 1minute and then the full discussion at 51 minute 30 seconds...
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    Thought some of you would like to see a cotton gin

    Have you ever come across Myamba Farming near Towoomba, he moved farms and changed business name now I think. I worked for them maybe a year or 2 before the round modules came in, it was all boll buggies and module builders
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    Real odd one?

    Did he walk in wearing the head torch and then change to NVG? If not how did he see in the dark to get there?
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    Real odd one?

    Can you upload the video?
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    Part time 360 driver jobs?

    Sign up with Flannery, Lynch etc. They will notify you when they need an operator in your area
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    400 private planes.

    On the radio last week it said 32,000 people attending and 3,000 still didn't have accomodation
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    Unimog u1000 transmission advice please

    There are Unimog Facebook groups if you or someone you know can ask on there