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    Petrol cut off saw
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    Petrol cut off saw

    Buy 30 14" blades £40 and get the Stihl saw included 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Power to headstock on 9.5m loadall?

    Who's Wilky?
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    Crash barriers or similar round cattle shed?

    He's not wrong, contractors replacing miles of them on the Smart Motorway scheme. I had a delivery and worked out about £5 a meter
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    T5 120 Electro Command here. I don't use it much, but one thing that bugs me, is that it won't let you release the handbrake and put the shuttle into forwards. It asks you to press and release the clutch pedal first. Is this normal? Older T5 105 with a 12 X 12 transmission only asks you to...
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    Artic trailer to ag trailer These guys look to do a tidy job
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    Dating a Dutch barn

    Google Earth has a slider where you can go back through old aerial shots of a location, if such shots exist
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    Fencing posts

    You see that Santa tag on plenty fence posts, both Creo and Tanalised. I don't know who they are exactly but likely to be the merchants processing the timber out in the Nordic or Baltic States.
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    Fencing posts

    They look a 3-4inch to me. Or is that his ploy to make you feel you got a good deal? Any labels on the packs who treated them?
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    What is your long term Ash die back plan?

    Local estate is taking out a lot of Ash, both big and small whilst it still has value. Cash it in and re-plant ASAP to make the best of a bad job
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    Slewtic Slasher Topper Those guys are ex Slewtic engineers aparently
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    Can I put tractor engine oil in my pickup?

    In it goes then (y) Thanks all
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    Octopost or fence n forget?

    Where are you based and which company do you work for? Send via PM if you want (y)
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    Can I put tractor engine oil in my pickup?

    I have some Ambra Unitek 10W-40 here that goes in the NH T5, can it go in my DMax? The API CJ4 and ACEA E9 match Cheers

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