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    Anyone heard about Newark Livestock Market!

    That's certainly what a former regular Newark vendor told me last week too, He was disgusted and will continue to use Darlington (doesn't like Melton) and says better price covers the extra travel cost (and he is south of Newark).
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    All things Dairy

    Yes, Wintersell Titan. We don't want our cows getting any bigger on heavy land and that is a breeding criteria.
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    All things Dairy

    She is our first, but we have another 5 to come in.
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    All things Dairy

    And we are off, calving 2020 has started. A Torque daughter out of a Titan dam, 6 days early. Aunty interfering in the background.
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    Churches and farming

    Exactly the same here, I am treasurer of a small church in Leicestershire and the insurance is our biggest cost. We are still struggling to get a new roof following metal theft. One of the problems is I just don't have the time to plough through all the grant applications. Once we have a roof...
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    Tesco wtf?

    Our dairy sells cheese to all the multiples and has said in the past that Aldi and Lidl are by far the most straightforward to deal with.
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    Interesting day

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    Very low butterfat milk sample.

    yes, comes on automatically every 20 mins and driver also supposed to agitate before sampling. It was straight up back over 4 again next test.
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    wildlife offers

    Got my Mid-Tier in at 10 to midnight. Realised we had no field parcel number for the old buildings that we were applying for the maintenance option on so had to hastily do a new map an RLE1 as well - good thing we can submit RLE1s digitally now! Found it very frustrating that a lot of the good...
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    Very low butterfat milk sample.

    Suspect it is a sample error, particularly if the next one is back up. We had a payment sample come back as 3.07 last week down from 4.3 2 days previous. We had milk recorded the same period and the bulk sample taken just 4 hours before the tanker was 4.17!
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    Cow activity & cow flow

    Flies again - plus probably the novelty of your new electric pole. They get the benefit of each other's tails and they hope their flies will go and pester their neighbour. Seems crazy to group together on a hot day but they do. Our black Angus bull always has more flies than the cows. Today we...
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    Countryside Productivity Small Grant (CPSG) Round 2: COVID-19 Update

    Thanks for replies, all sorted and they have confirmed that as long as the claim is in with evidence by en of 31st, then even if the evidence needs tweaking a bit they will still contact us, after date, rather than rejecting. One more photo and then I'm done! We had actually ordered (and have...
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    Cow activity & cow flow

    It is nearly always to do with fresh air and / or flies.
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    Countryside Productivity Small Grant (CPSG) Round 2: COVID-19 Update

    Just pulling together the last few photos for our claim - had a significant delay on one item (not Covid related). Have sent an email query and will try phoning, but my query is: We have bought multiple items eg 10 heat detection collars, 4 solar energisers. I have one photo of all 10 collars...
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    staff systems

    In the case quoted they couldn't go longer because other things in the way eg a road.

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