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    Plagued with rats this year, running along the top of internal sheets under the eaves.
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    Spring oat storks!

    Do you have a dresser fitted with a de-awner?
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    Not man flu, so what is it?

    If your still not right then it’s time to get back on the phone to them. About a month ago my mum phoned me to say she couldn’t get out of bed, something obviously wrong. She had an appointment for bloods with the nurse at the doctors anyway, so Mrs PSQ and I got her dressed and carried her to...
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    Not man flu, so what is it?

    That doesn't sound like fun in the slightest, but then again neither is trying to get an appointment when the receptionist and 'practice manager' act like gate keepers. Keep at them, and don't take no for an answer; and don't let them palm you off with any of their "we've got an appointment in 4...
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    Not man flu, so what is it?

    Yes, your GP. Phone them in the morning and get yourself looked at ASAP. If its anything to do with severe pain in the head then don't hang about.
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    I read that with the voice of Simon Mayo in my head, when he reads one of his ‘confessions’ 😂
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    Electric Cars

    I passed a Tesla ‘driver’ on an Italian motorway who obviously wasn’t driving, as both his feet were poking out of the drivers side window and resting in front of the wing mirror. If Tesla’s are ‘the future’, then the future is populated by morons.
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    Billy Bob's family realised the 'discounted funeral plan' wasn't all it was cracked up to be, as the hearse was the 37 bus that goes past the cemetery...
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    More greenstar stolen!

    'Progress': it's just not for everyone.
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    Robust watch that's not HUGE?

    Google 'G10 watch', which will probably bring up 30 different manufacturers versions based on the military 'G10' style, which should be fairly compact and robust. Adverts will always say 'mens', but they're not that big. Should also be available with tritium illumination which will glow in the...
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    Electric vans

    Would you rather be killed by several hundred ravenous tabby cats, or one very large tiger?
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    Electric vans
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    Electric vans

    Far safer? - a 70kw Tesla has about 12kg of lithium in the battery. Good luck putting that out if it short circuits in a crash.
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Sounds like fire damage, though I'd imagine bean straw wont be easy to light without petrol.
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    1969. Ozzie and Sheryl Osbourne rehearse for the first 'Black Sabbath' gig...

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