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    Vegan society at it again....

    It’s only a matter of time till the government cancels the license fee: pay TV for the BBC. It’s turned into nothing more than daycare for the new ‘Woking Class’, P45’s all round.
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    Council draining water into our field.

    And yet our councillors sleep easy on knowing full well that hundreds of 6” deep potholes could be fatal, but strangely don’t seem too bothered. Ditto blocked gullies and drains, snow clearance and gritting only in daylight hours, etc etc. Digging grips into fields to drain collapsing roads is...
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    Council draining water into our field.

    “Burden of proof”, or it didn’t happen.
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    Chemical delivery drivers

    Hutchinsons send an automatic message to say “the delivery vehicle has arrived on farm”, which is handy when you want to crack on. I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with a chemical delivery driver, or a delivery. I find they’re usually well organised, giving fair warning for pallets and...
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    Pesticides - I think I am going mad

    I know you’ve talked about salt improving palatability before, but I have to say your applying salt AND vinegar made me chuckle. You really are going the extra mile for your stock!
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    No till and cover crops in Scotland

    🍿popcorn at the ready. I keep thinking of farm saved spring oats DD'd in the autumn (Sprinter with bean points), but it would need ploughed due to the allelopathic effect of the oats on the following spring crop ?!
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    Tax Relief Claims - why is the Agriculture Sector not claiming ?

    Sadly I'm out, as my business breaches 1 of the above stipulated rules. Isn't it always the case when dealing with HMRC - "this avenue is open to everyone, as long as they can jump through all 32 loopholes, have a Geneva or Dublin based office or qualify for our Cardiff based 'Celebrities Tax...
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    Edinburgh University today

    Result in, motion defeated 👍: ‘We are pleased that nearly six thousand students voted, showing a highly engaged student membership who want to have their say. The final result was that 58% of students voted against the motion, and as a result the Students’ Association will continue to offer...
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    Tax Relief Claims - why is the Agriculture Sector not claiming ?

    Most of the R&D costs of farming at farm level are already covered by capital allowances and tax deductible labour costs. Where we really would benefit would be if we were able to set more than the currently allowed 2% pa against 'buildings' which is utterly crap, even with fixtures and fittings...
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    Vegan Oscar Joker !

    He led a vegan protest when he was in London for the BAFTAS. Always preferred his late brother River if I'm honest, but it's not surprising to see Joaquin winning an award for portraying a psychotic nut job - method acting at it's finest.
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    Boom fert spreader- would this work ?

    Having run a Kuhn Aero in the past there is no way you will get enough volume through an Accord metering unit. At a guess you’d need at least 4 per side, and easy access into each of them to sort out blockages.
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    Farm Burglaries and Field items Stole.

    The irony being that anyone caught dealing out justice to these pansies gets a conviction for "taking the law in to their own hands". - But if the police aren't 'policing' or attending incidents then those supposed to be enforcing 'the law' are guilty of serious 'dereliction of duty'. Try seeking...
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    Can I reclaim VAT on jobsite radio?

    A local farm supply company used to sell good quality French brandy at Christmas. It was always invoiced only by it's 'part number'. I know for a fact that my book keeper and accountant google any obscure descriptions on invoices. Perks ain't what they used to be...
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    Can I reclaim VAT on jobsite radio?

    Does the invoice ONLY have 'Makita DMR112' written on it? 🤔
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    There's nothing you can do if the sample isn't up to spec, and a lot of samples will naturally be borderline. My dads family ran a grain trading business for around 116 years, and the accumulated wisdom passed down through the generations was "theres a lot of money made from blending barley"...

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