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    Youshiko weather stations

    To give you a comparison I've just shared my Ecowitt data: I've not bothered buying the Anemoeter, but waiting on the upcoming ground thermometer. You can have 8 soil moisture meters, mine is currently out in middle of the field.
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    Start up costs

    Local sheep farmer here who sadly died over Christmas had no more than 40 Ha's, flock of 50, two dogs and one stick. No need of fencing, his sheep were bomb proof on temperament because he was farming with his livestock (and still managed the cafe daily) rather than sitting in tractors or...
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    Voss aka ... Problems???

    Don't buy there mid range yellow nylon wire. We took delivery of three rolls which had been on sale just for some temporary fencing (normally buy the most expensive profiline multi core they offer which is very good, but allot of km's to do). After a few days walking looking for a fence short...
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    Farms for sale

    Because it has 4 time the land mass with equivalent population of the UK. Here its about 1800 per Ha for pasture, but 25km down the road its 6000, but then its better arable land.
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    Voss aka ... Problems???

    The proper Voss website is: Who we use all the time. If you look: Apart from anything the prices are higher!
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    A quiet day.... hahaha!

    Put them on top of the soil and throw 6" of straw over them. Job done in 10 minutes and no backache. :)
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    Heavily constipated calf

    Morning, I've got a calf which went down yesterday afternoon with constipation - she previously had an operation on her umbilical. Still on milk replacer but shes outside with a group lightly grazing. Given her several enema's, and olive oil orally twice (can't find the paraffin). She was up...
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    Galvanising quality of tank

    Looks like rust bleed coming though? From what I understand if there's small gaps in the steel the zinc can't penetrate but leaves a small crevice which can be super corrosive. Or im talking complete rubbish. I'd be asking for my money back and go with a different manufacturer...
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    Great! just the ones I ordered for this year, right for 40 degree's Aude temperatures :) I was after zips because I hate having to lace up the boots, spend more time doing that than working and obviously I've got to see the good wife.... Any other ones which have ankle support, zip and better...
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    just ordered some Amblers AS995 Pillar with the zips, going of the reviews supposedly good?
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    Cattle trailer, 28ft, any recommendations?

    Thanks, I've just looked at their website - there largest model claims 17 to 18 cows? so I think looking more towards three or four trips given their horned. I never know whether its better to pack them in tight so they can't move and a separate compartment for the calf's. Going up about 3...
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    Cattle trailer, 28ft, any recommendations?

    Morning, we're looking at moving cattle up to the mountains thats about an 1hr and 45 minute drive by car. Our idea is to perhaps buy either a second hand or new cattle trailer. The previous farmer use to get them hauled on either one double decker or two smaller cattle lorries but reasonably...
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    Compost advice.

    We'd normally be dumping in a line across our fields and roll the row every so often with the telyhandler - until last spring when two complete heaps were thieved with car's and trailers (and the neighbors farm!). So last summer spread fresh on the fields, this year will try and compost it in...
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    Mass Trespass?

    accept there the type of people squatting in someone else's house or parked up illegally in a van or wagon throwing rubbish out. All cut from the same cloth. The few protestors who actually have a point or genuine care/motive but still manage to it in a respectful manor to be overwhelmed by the...
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    John Deere 575 baler - spool valve solenoid

    Afternoon, just wondering if anyone here has a 575 electric solenoid kicking around or from a breaker? Our one which retracts the knifes was burnt off in a fire, the other two survived. Cheers, James