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    I'm looking for a new tractor

    Life’s short, get the Deere.
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    It’s too dry!

    We have just come out of one of the dryest summers ever in here New Zealand, went over 45 days with no rain in my area. Having a dry autumn so far too.
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    New tractor delivery dates

    Ordered a 8r first week of feb and I won’t get it until March next year
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    Automatic stabilisers vs sway blocks John deere 8r

    Is it possible to set the sway blocks so link arms are tight and centred for rtk powerharrow bed forming work?
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    Automatic stabilisers vs sway blocks John deere 8r

    Does anyone here have experience with automatic stabilisers on John Deere 8r tractors? Can they handle doing heavy tillage? Or am I better to go with sway blocks? Will be pulling a 9 leg subsoiler 40-50cm deep in heavy ground and also some power harrow bed forming work. Thanks
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    Can’t get integrated receiver on new John Deere 8r

    You’re right about the 12-14 month wait, mines not coming till March next year
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    Can’t get integrated receiver on new John Deere 8r

    Ordered a new Johndeere 8r this week here in New Zealand and got told you can’t get the intergrated GPS receiver due to shortages. Have any of you guys in the UK been told this by your dealers recently when ordering a 7r/8r?
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    3 metre power harrow options

    I’ve got a maschio, an mazone and two cellis. Celli wins any day, really good quality and more rotors over the same width compared to the amazone so it’s does a better job
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    1st gear in John Deere e23

    Does anyone know how fast 1st gear is at full revs in a johndeere 8370r or similar tractor with e23 transmission? Cheers
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    irrigators anyone know much about them

    Get an Ocmis. Love them here in New Zealand. Dont buy an Irrimec by the way.
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    Best powerharrow

    We like to use celli here in nz
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    Which tractor is the most driver friendly for a 14hr + day?

    John Deere R series no question.
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    Correct way of driving John Deere IVT/AutoPowr ?

    When on the road or turning on headlands I drive it in manual mode and have the stick all the way forward in 2 and just use the hand throttle to accelerate, to slow down I just bring the hand throttle back and brake if necessary. 90% of field work I do with IVT is powerharrowing or rotatory...
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    M series IVT

    You sure about the 5 numbering thing? A local outfit here in NZ has several 6105r’s with ivt, manual spools and no command arm
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    M series IVT

    I’ve seen r series with no command arm, ivt and manual spools so I’m pretty sure you can spec an M like that