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    Defra invasion.

    Why do all the protesters have such large rucksacks. Even the motorway ones had them. To be fair a lot easier to drag them by the straps
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    Ram not working/Jumping

    I was thinking of myself, not your forage reared rams. I'll tell the fancy piece it's my mother's genetics. My wife already understands.
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    Ram not working/Jumping

    Anyone would have got an ulcer at 110 times in 17 days. 17 months would be pushing it.
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    See post 1485
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    Today at work

    Might have put this in wreckers if I had an Exocet missile. A1 near Alnwick, tractor is between the trees on the horizon 0.7 miles away with a queue stretching well behind us. Followed for 5 miles past junctions and a layby though he might have been there a while to get out again.
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    What are your rights when you have been left a half share in the net proceeds of sale and the net income until sale of a property (farm)

    Agree not enough info. If the business or land has been left equally then the shares have to be calculated either by a valuation and paying out the others or a sale and divide the spoils. The longer that takes the more wrangling over splits of current profit ( or loss). Accountant and solicitor...
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    Medical certificate for shotgun licence renewal

    Could/should does not matter. It is simply completely unacceptable for admin staff to sign a medical report and likely to lead to severe censure or suspension of the GP. The fee is the same as any income which will go through the books
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    Medical certificate for shotgun licence renewal

    The receptionist certainly could not sign the forms. If that is anywhere near true then it is a matter for the GMC
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    Tractor on Motorway cops tonight Channel 5

    Never mind sheeting trailers round this way the chat up lines include 'has your faither got the dung oot yet?'
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    Tractor on Motorway cops tonight Channel 5

    Have you been hacking my laptop again?
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    Tractor on Motorway cops tonight Channel 5

    Number plate, overweight trailer, unsafe load, uninsured and illegal to drive at 16. Apart from that crack on
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    Returning a pickup

    Time for a solicitors letter. The dealer is entitled to try and fix the issues but have obviously failed
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    Surely a careful driver could not tip a trailer in the fens even on a bumpy track? You need lots of speed and sharp turns to tip one over
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    Open lies about dairy farming

    California also uses a lot of aquifers which are slowly drying up. Apparently also takes 15000 litres to produce 1kg of meat
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    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    The Farmers weekly is much too tough for that to happen