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    Foul In The Foot - at grass

    We had some yearlings off slats with it for the first time. Only been in cows before but usually get better at grass but needed to trim and jag 3 before better
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    Openreach tree cutting

    Openreach put a new fibre under and through my roadside trees for a mile. Lots of branches touching now and line been broken by falling limbs. No bill yet I presume because trees there first.
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    Going Net-zero - Nature Friendly Farming Network

    Burning woodchip is classed as carbon neutral so lots of businesses can just tick a box. We are wholly grassland, 10% trees, fully recycle all muck and slurry here but it contributes to a massive negative carbon audit as the grass it grows is not used in any mitigation. However, without...
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    Non Agri Wreckers

    Few years back same happened near here with a JCB on a lorry where the driver forgot and the arm caught a railway bridge. He had probably driven under it loads of times. It landed on a poor couple in a car. The dent is still visible on the bridge.
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    Jury service

    So he stays at home and you , as a close work colleague, have to quarantine for 2 weeks. Not helping the harvest, better to hope the defendant pleads guilty on day 2
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    Big age difference

    We are guessing there is a 25 year gap. I have seen the problems in later life when an active younger wife becomes a carer too soon. However that is probably 20 years away so if you are both happy? ps who were Brian and Diana?
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    Hay yields and price

    Still got 16 acres here getting thicker and flatter with all the rain. Looking like a good crop now. 1st cut silage was down 30% but the regrowth is fantastic now. Hopefully weather is improving from next weekend. Hay seems easy for some on here. Have never made it in less than 5 days and...
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    ...and the poor cows get all the blame for methane?
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    Overhanging trees and lack of hedgetrimming

    Our council has found a £3m hole in the roads budget. Transerv Scotland had a 5 year maintenance contract, they then sub-contracted the work to DG First who are the commercial arm of the council. DG First then sub-contracted to others. End of the day council may get the bill from a company...
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    If those who do football celebrations in the street, refuse to wear masks or wash hands or congregate on beaches were then isolated from the vulnerable would this help to eliminate the virus more rapidly?
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    Going to the pub or restaurant

    Indoor will be much more risky if someone is infectious. Interesting to see the contact tracing from restaurants and a call centre where lots of people further away were exposed due to air flow patterns. Unless we know who was there then it will keep going. The pub does not feed it into a...
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    Moving vehicles blocking access

    We had this conversation with the car which was slurried. If the car is on private land then it is not a police matter but a civil one. That may involve the courts and local council but not helping to get into the field. Be very careful that you may damage the car when moving it as £1000 does...
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    BT Equipment

    The trailer could be €1000 so you are only leaving 5000 for the machine. At that price it will have a lot of hours/problems you might have to be good with spanners and mending hydraulic hoses and if it is imported the dealer is not sailing over to Ireland to fix it. We built a house and used a...
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    BT Equipment

    All of this. There are diggers for sale in Ireland. Go and look at them. Digger in England, salesman in Italy? Just look at what you have written and think for a minute
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    Farm safety

    They did around 100 farms here last year. Sold out of warning signs locally. Telehandlers and ATVs were a problem. Fair emphasis on cattle but you cannot do everything without going into a pen at some point.

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