Pushing a 2nd inside me he started f**king my cock with his mouth even faster. Then before I was ready to explode, he pushed a third and then quickly a fourth inside. Feeling my ass stretch so wide I couldn't hold back anymore, Stream after stream of hot cum shot into his mouth each time he swallowed until he finally milked the last few drops then kissed it's tip.

Still lying with his cock in my mouth, I could feel it begin to swell again so I slowly began bobbing my head on his shaft. After a few seconds it was rock hard again and I started playing with his balls.

"Rick I want to f**k your ass, do you think you want to try?" he asked.

Releasing him cock from my mouth I said, "To be honest I have been wondering what that thing would feel like inside my ass, yes I want to try but take it slow."

Now on my knees with my forearms holding me up, Manuel began licking my ass crack, his tongue starting at my balls then slowly running up, taking a pause when it passed my musk hole. Finally his tongue pushed inside me, his saliva moistening my tunnel readying me for the ravaging that was to come.

Spitting on his cock to lube it up, his huge mushroom head pushed against my opening, I felt an almost unbearable pain as he forced it inside. Holding just the head in me for a moment, there was still pain but it was slowly subsiding, he pushed harder, a couple of inches found it's way down my f**k hole, much more intense pain again.

"Ow that hurts, hold it there let the pain go away please," I almost begged.

"Relax just relax," he said.

As I began to relax the pain subsided, there was still some but much less, and his cock almost automatically slid deeper inside. With one final push his cock forced it's way in, so much pain but he was now completely inside.

Pausing for a few seconds the pain subsided some, still intense but bearable, when he slowly pulled almost out then with one hard thrust rammed it back in. So much pain ran through my body causing my ass to squeeze his cock tightly. He then started pounding my ass more rapidly each time there was pain but it subsided some with each downward thrust he made. Finally the pain was gone, my ass still sore, then pain then turned to numbness. Now my ass posing no resistance, he was able to pound me even faster & harder, his big balls making a slapping sound as they met my ass each time his cock pushed deep inside. Finally with one big push his cock exploded, his cum filling my ass with each push as some was being forced out. After his cock finished filling me up, he pulled out then taking two fingers took some out, then holding it to my lips forced my mouth open sliding his cum covered fingers in. I could taste my own cum, such a different taste a musky pungent bitter taste, but I liked it.

"So how was that?" he asked.

"It was painful but what a pain, it was intense but oh wow," I said.

"I guess you liked it then?" he said.

"Well my ass is almost throbbing but it almost feels empty now that it's not inside me," I said.

"Think you would like to do it again sometime?" he asked.

"How long till you're hard again, does that answer your question?" I said.

Looking down at his cock he said, "give me a few, I think I got one more in me."

I started stroking his cock, it didn't take long until he was hard again, not quite as hard as before but still pretty hard. Now lying on my back Manuel took one leg in each hand, raising them towards my head my ass now totally exposed. Lying on my legs he put his cock against my hole, without pause he pushed the head in, this time I felt just a twinge of pain. My ass totally relaxed, he was able to push his entire shaft inside, the cum he shot in my ass earlier acting as lubricant.
September 22
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