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    Sarko jailed

    Surprised you never told us!
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    Six Nations 2020

    I think the problem was the ref calling time off and telling the captain to have a word with his team and restarting when they were in the group that he asked them to form. The best ref in the world is Welsh and he said the ref was wrong on both tries. As you say the score still stands...
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    Goodbye Britannia!

    Trying to bribe a magistrate must be fairly serious, what have they done that's worse as I'm a bit naive
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    Six Nations 2020

    The best referee in the world is a Welshman and he said both tries should have been disallowed. RU rules are a bit beyond me but I said if that's not a knock on I'm a Dutchman, I thought I was going to have to buy some clogs until I saw his comments.
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    Vegan food costs three times price of meat..

    You just have to walk away muttering "let them die then". Might make them think about their morals.
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    EU: open borders, or else...

    I fully agree with your last point but it looks as if the issue was the fallout from the mess the EU made of the vaccines a couple of months back. When they realised they couldn't get the AZ vaccine a few arrogant politicians said "oh we didn't want it anyway, it's not effective" That has...
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    Goodbye Britannia!

    My wife showed me a piece on her phone from one of the papers, not sure which one, the journalist was having a really good moan due to the fact that as a remainer he could no longer gloat about how badly the Country was doing, particularly on the vaccine. He was trying to give a bit of credit...
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    WTF has happened in Scotland?

    Just like farming, you can get away with shoddy business practices but if you slip up on the paperwork....
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    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    Our main broadcaster is called the BBC, google them if you've never heard of them.
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    When will RT end ?

    "The scheme in ROI is largely the same as your RT" Fair enough. "You can join or not, totally your choice" That doesn't sound the same to be honest if you want to trade. "The price premium for the finished product far outweighs the effort and cost to comply" Your scheme and ours are obviously...
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    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    "There's a world out there, not just the ever narrowing UK view" Why do you even need to write that? is that not a bit bigoted or just stereotyping? Then you tell us "it's never black and white but varying shades of grey" You can't have it both ways.
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    EU vaccine role out.

    Could be a lot of important people in the EU responsible for a lot of deaths. This could make some of the British cock ups seem trivial. It's a hell of a thing for a political leader to put out inaccurate statements which put it's citizens off having a jab that could save their life.
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    How is Brexit for you?

    Not sure of the dates or the details but I imagine it was from further back than that. Do they have a year end date in April as we do? No links as I don't know where I saw it.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    You would be happy, they just keep getting dearer. People say they will be on fire in the spring but any more than this and there'll be nowt in them for the buyer without a big rise in the fat.
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    How is Brexit for you?

    I don't know about our figures but France's are definately the worst on record as I read the piece about it. It was possibly the biggest annual fall they meant but not certain. I would guess we run at a bigger deficit year on year but don't know that it's the worst on record.