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    New topper- woods or spearhead?

    If your current spearhead is 20 years old, we would have made that machine. Check the Serial Plate and see if its a Pershore trading estate address. If it is, its one we made when our founder Martin Lole owned Spearhead.
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    New topper- woods or spearhead?

    Morning Wigeon. We have a 5m topper in our range if you would like any more details call the office on 01905347347. Here is a link to our website
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    Teagle flail topper

    Morning IOW91 Here at Razorback we have a range of different flail toppers in stock that would suit your needs. Give us a call on 01905 347 347 and one of out team can advise. here is the link to the website if you would like to have a look.
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    Flail for the Fergi

    We love seeing old and new working together. here is a Fergi TE 20 with a Razorback RX125 we set up last week.
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    Flail Topper Recommendations

    Moring Jockers84, We're based in The Midlands. We have a sales team up in Scotland also. If you give the office a call on 01905 841 123. We can discuss what machine would suit your needs and get some videos sent over.
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    Flail Topper Recommendations

    We have a range of flails in stock at Razorback. If you have any question please call the office on. 01905 841 123.
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    Flail for the Fergi

    Morning H200GT, We have a range of flail mowers. Here is one working on a Ford Major 4000. please feel free to call the office to discuss and questions.
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    Heavy duty chain topper/swipe

    We have some clients in Germany using our RT500 for heavy scrub clearance. Here is a video If you have any questions please call the office on...
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    Flail Topper

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    Flail Topper

    Morning Nick, We have a few Ex Demo machines In stock. No need for Travelling down to us as we offer a free delivery service. If you would like to discuss this further feel free to call us on 01905 347 347.
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    Trimax Ezeemow 185 Flail

    Afternoon t4thomas. I understand you're looking for a "good used Ezeemow 185 flail". We do not have an Ezeemow model but we have a lot of similar size machines New and Ex demo. If you would like to call the office to discuss options the number is 01905 347347. We look forward to hearing from you.
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    Off-set flail toppers

    Morning Tiptoe Ted. Happy New Year. We offer an off set flail mower in our range. Give the office a call on 01905 347347 if you would like any more information. Here is the link to our website The model we feel would suit is the RD220 ds
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    Offset Topper

    Hi, We have an extensive range of flail mowers to cover all requirements and we have some ex-demo ones in stock. See our website ( or call our office on 01905 347347 for more information. Thanks, Josh.
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    flail mower for 100hp

    Razorback have a range of flails new and ex-demo.
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    Best mower for 300ac of stewardship grass

    Thanks @E_B for sharing our video of Mr Lole's New machine.