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    Combine hero

    Can never see why you have an engine on a combine only used 2 months of a year. Maybe Kubota have the answer.
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    Combine hero

    Look to Japan for the next generation of small combines. Yanmar Kubota etc.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Think you will need flotation tyres after the rain we had last night.
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    Options after roundup

    What is the shelf life. I could do with another 5 ltrs before it gets banned. For the amount I use that would probably last me 20 years by which time I will hopefully have retired.
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    Home grown spuds yield rubbish this year

    King Edwards for me this year have been a disaster as the slugs have had a field day. Thankfully the Desiree have been excellent without the slug problem. Surprised I managed to get anything with it being so wet for so long.
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    Are electric / hybrid cars a busted flush .

    He just makes me laugh. Probably does not realise that a Pillock is what the sharpening stone for a scythe is called and is probably derived from the fact its shaped like a Penis which the word is derived from in Norwegian. Next he will be calling me the leather pouch which the sharpening stone...
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    Something strange in Saudi attack?

    Some of the tanks on oil refineries are designed to implode rather than explode so no explosive necessary only armour piercing shells.
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    Extinction Rebellion and Farming

    Surprised they needed an alternative route as the oil refinaries on the east coast has pipelines from the refineries so this is never a problem.
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    Anyone collect any real old tractors ??

    Yes steam powered but not steam boiler.
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    Ash die-back

    Unfortunately most trees can suffer from some sort of disease but your local tree surgeon will be able to put you in contact with an expert who can identify what the tree is suffering from they might even be able to do it themselves.
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    What is wrong with society, Justin Trudeau?

    Just seeing the reruns of Porridge and there was certainly something about the writing and timing that seems to have been lost in current TV.
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    Harvest 2019

    Been trying to place where you are with all the pictures with pylons in them but now I see the turbines the penny has dropped.
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    Come on help a lady out 🤣😊 (metal)

    Next door farmer had a detector day on a field half a mile away so quite annoyed when I caught two having a go in my fields after the rest had finished next door. I know my land is a Roman fort so very tempting for metal detectors but I would prefer a proper archelogical investigation rather...
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    What is wrong with society, Justin Trudeau?

    Tough I have said it now. Cannot believe some people object and use deny list instead.
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    What is wrong with society, Justin Trudeau?

    Blacklisted by the BBC in 2012

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