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    to late here they have gone. really noticeable with the dry weather not helping.
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    Broken limestone gatepost

    Think you could be surprised. I certainly was with my mullions and lintels.
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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    Just been told loan rejected from Santander as not a business bank account yet on the website it does not restrict to only business accounts. Just wondering what to do now.
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    Broken limestone gatepost

    Just get another one cut at a stone masons its surprising how cheap they can be.
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    Micro farming ?

    Easy enough to do the priority in UK climate would be a polytunnel or glasshouse of reasonable size which can be a battle with planners.
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    Natural Spring for livestock

    On a geavity fed system here.Only problem normally relates to frozen pipes in winter.
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    Crazy yet desperate irrigation ideas !

    So wiil all this dry weather alter your farm practice to use contour farming.
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    Crazy yet desperate irrigation ideas !

    Would be easy enough to using the technology of the steam plough engines. Instead of a cable use an irrigation real. rather than 2 engines a single tractor with a water powered headstock pulling the spray cart when it reaches the end of the tramline the powered headstock is put in reverse and...
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    Looking for biomass boiler on RHI - circa 75KW

    Think you have missed the boat on log drying as they have changed the rules. A lot of kit now up for sale claiming that RHI is still available but you only find out the truth when your claim is rejected or an inspector calls.
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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    Was that a business account. I am struggling with Santander as its a joint account. Applied a week last thursday and they have now gone quiet. Went into the branch and they where clueless as they had not be informed about it and stating it all had to be done online.
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    New bridge,work in progress

    Hope you didnt get the hard frost we did the other night. Would not do the concrete much good.
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    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    Well the corgettes and outdoor tomatos dont look to happy.
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    Dustmask availability

    Sorry forgot to say it was not dust masks but the ffp3 half mask respirators with the twin filters which I bought. Think they use this type of mask a lot in spray booths.
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    Dustmask availability

    Have a traditional ironmongers where I bought mine from. Non on display but plenty in stock for regular customers.
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    New Hinckley Point C power station

    I would not put a bet on it. Even Hinkley C has a get out clause if deadlines are not met and if EDF previous experience with the similar Finnish and French reactor is anything to go by its doubtful this will ever be finnished.

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