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    Case 4210 PTO won't run

    mAke sure the pto speed selector is positively engaging......
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    Yamaha quad parts

    I have used Cornish Tractors before......very helpful and knowledgable
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    MF 6499 dyna 6 filter part no.s

    Much appreciated Dee, that is perfect. I am inclinded to just flush the l.h. strainer rather than change it.
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    MF 6499 dyna 6 filter part no.s

    Thanks for the reply. I have got hold of the ops manual, as you say there seems to be another filter on the r.h side and the L.h. side is a strainer
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    MF 6499 dyna 6 filter part no.s

    Can anyone help me out with the correct part numbers for the 2 x transmission filters on this 59 plate tractor. There is one on the r.h. side in a long spin-on cylinder, the 2nd is on the l.h. side and fits inside a bowl on the side of the transmission. thanks
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    Case 885 XL versus the 885 XL super two

    Speed charts for the BT (high speed) transmission
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    Case 885 XL versus the 885 XL super two

    85 series ended production in 1990, superseded by 95 series, then 4200s.......entirely likely that dealers had old stock
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    Calibrating Magnum 315 transmission

    It needs to be in neutral.......but to actually enter the Trans-setup menu you will need to have the EST connected get of the steps requires shifting to Fwd to calibrate the clutch packs
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    Modern Cotton Harvester - Pretty Amazing Machine

    Has Australia pretty much transitioned to the JD balers/module makers like this and the Case module express now or are there still farmers/contractors running basket machines with seperate module builders? Over the years I worked with the Case 2555s and CPX420s 4 rows up against the...
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    Workshop tools

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    Thermobile at400 waste oil burner/heater

    try calling Thermobile, their tech support is very good Service & Spare Parts Tel: 02476 357960
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    Workshop kerosene heater

    try Thermobile...........i have an well
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    885XL fuse box

    those fuse boxes are a right BALL ACHE to work on!......those poxy fuse holders are terrible. You might find a fuse holder from someone like Ron Greet, he has a heap of looms there from Case IHs and I am sure I have seen the later 95 series blade fuse holders there.
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    Ok. thanks for that but reckon I will pass on them....not that I have anything against Claas brand. If the zippers in the Dickies were half up to it I would buy them but they are quite frankly junk.