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    Is this Japanese Knotweed?

    Stems would be green and red around its numerous internodes,
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    Who does your soil tests?

    Anglian Soil Analysis @Sutterton. Tel= 01205 460590, I find them very consistent!
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    Measuring out of IBC’s

    +1 who supplys in IBCs please!
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    World Record Wheat For Harvest 2021

    I do respect any body who pushes the boundaries of expectations of the normal, but a record in yield per hectare does not mean that result can leave the best economic return for the commercial farmer! Tim is a great farmer with great knowledge , who has a great FARM, I have a farmer not a big...
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    World Record Wheat For Harvest 2021

    Bugger you have been reading all the right books, and Weeklies!! (FW)
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    World Record Wheat For Harvest 2021

    or is it about cat-ion exchange things re plant food available , or all the other things mentioned,?? NO BUGGER REALLY KNOWS. or they are really clever farmers!!
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    Age of presidents

    I bugger I did not realize Trump was that old that is obviously the problem with his thinking!!
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    Age of presidents

    No just to old!! Sorry old people!!
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    Fruity Smell in Grain Shed

    This year just keeps giving!!
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    This must be late for drilling date for The OSR waste of time crop!!
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    Great yarmouth

    I actually like Norfolk and Suffolk, even though they speak a bit funny, they are a friendly lot , Nelson came from Norfolk why that matters i dont know but it is on the sign going into Norfolk from the better county LINCOLNSHIRE!!
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    Great yarmouth

    Wrong county, Ians near Skeggy!!
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    It was a nice sample of Barley, Claire WW is a different animal , I personally never liked it , it shed to easily..
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    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Very good looking sample!
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    Seed prices

    Do what ever you think is right for your business, and do not take advise off people you do not agree with!!

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