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    Grabbing a rat by its tail

    My eldest son has just moved out of a rat infested block of flats in London, quite a new build too. The rats are all over the balconies and in the walls too. All the flats have an island in the kitchen, the cutlery drawer is in this and for some reason the rats can get into all the cutlery...
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    Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee - autumn spreading of manures

    Can't believe I spent two hours watching this, it was worth it to get a feel for the positions of the different parties involved though. I have to say I'm now more relaxed about being able to continue bringing FYM onto my all arable acres from local intensive livestock units. I was shocked and...
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    Direct Driller lime article

    It should be pretty obvious if the lime you are buying is no good, it would soon show up on the next soil test surely. I've always had the predicted pH lift, for the lime applied here.
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    A Book for Christmas.

    I remember excitedly buying that book at college when it first came out, it's still on my bookshelf now. No Abertay bookmarks have survived as far as I know though! The book said my farm soil type was unsuitable for Direct Drilling, so I shelved the idea for nearly 30 years, but finally took...
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    Hearing aids

    Yes, I can confirm, dogs like to eat hearing aids. :oops:
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    Hearing aids

    My audiologist says that wearing hearing aids often reduces tinnitus, he claims the tinnitus is replacing the high pitched noises your brain would normally hear. I think my tinnitus is better now I wear a decent hearing aid all day and streaming music for a while can turn it off completely, but...
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    Hearing aids

    I have Widex Evoke, the NHS ones are useless in comparison. They were about £4000, so expensive, but that includes as many check ups and repairs as needed for 5 years. They were bought through an independent, who provides great back up (Nantwich Hearing Centre). I persuaded my father to go there...
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    VAT software for small business

    I export VAT from my ancient Farmplan program to Excel, then use Vital Tax upload to HMRC, it does the job ok and only costs a few quid. The Farmplan program runs on Windows XP, in a virtual box it's that old!
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    Nroso heavy handed email

    I was in a similar position to you, got an email while on holiday to say my membership was up in a month and I had only 10 CPD points carry over. I'm BASIS too and have never had to collect NRoSO points before, so I emailed them my BASIS details. Two weeks went by with no reply, I was worried as...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    CF Advert from last year. CF have just carried on where ICI left off, they were a bunch of crooks too. :mad:
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    Harry's Weather Radar Weather Phone App

    I find it less accurate when we go walking in very hilly areas, but usually close to spot on around home.
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    Harry's Weather Radar Weather Phone App

    RainToday app. It is good and free!
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    Aga oil consumption

    4 Door Aga is just under 2000l a year here, it's a refurb fitted around 1995.
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    Ivermectin , covid cure

    Try watching this video from 10 minutes in, there is good evidence out there that Ivermectin is could be safe and effective against Covid. :watching: Dr John Campbell is a trusted source of anything to do with Covid.
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    I'm going to try this, bought a hand held weed wiper, it's useless.