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    Kongskilde Vibroflex or similar

    Ah great. Thank you very much. [emoji106]
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    Kongskilde Vibroflex or similar

    Thank you RBH. Do you find not having a crumbler roller on the back a problem for depth control?
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    Kongskilde Vibroflex or similar

    Thanks Alastair. I'm not sure my budget will stretch to a 4 row machine!
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    Wil-rich cultivator, pigtail, Kongskilde Vibroflex cultivator for min till?

    I'm a bit late to this thread sorry. Just wondering if you could give me some more info on the Vibroflex please? Is it a good piece of kit? Would it be ok into stubble at 2-4" please? Thanks.
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    Kongskilde Vibroflex or similar

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone could advise me on a shallow cultivator. For creating a bit of tilth on stubble or root ground. Looking to work 2"-4" deep. 3-4m wide. Realistically my budget is sub 2k. There are some affordable Kongskilde Vibroflex machines around, I just wonder if anyone had any...
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    The All England Rural Counties Charity Tractor Road Run For Cancer Research UK

    I only heard about this yesterday, do well done!
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    Best machine for rowing up silage

    A Krone single rotor rake. Fold up arms, which swung it for me as dad can use it. I can make a tidy row, you can drive as wide or narrow as you like. A smaller row for a little baler or a wide as possible for a round one. Well built machines. 0% finance if you need it.
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    Cutting the grass with sheep vs mowers advice please...

    Electric fence with or without the post and rail for the horses. They can be so destructive! Finding someone local to bring sheep would be good. Perhaos someone young? But if you don't want someone coming to and fro, getting a few of your own would be good. Just have a word with local vet about...
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    John Deere mower conditioner 328 - year 2000

    Thanks. I haven't done anything with the crack yet. Didn't want to go back to it, unless I thought i had half a chance of fixing it. I'll have a closer look! Thank you for your reply.
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    John Deere mower conditioner 328 - year 2000

    Thank you for that idea, I hadn't thought of that. I'll get it back in the workshop, strip it down and have a look. Cheers.
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    John Deere mower conditioner 328 - year 2000

    Thanks for your replies. In my ignorance I didn't notice the crack until after I put it back together. I ran the mower up to check it was ok, and it was then I heard the tapping when the shaft caught on the top hat. I think the person who had it before me must have cut the middle out of the old...
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    John Deere mower conditioner 328 - year 2000

    I bought this mower last summer and done 80 acres. A bearing went under the top hat on the drive end. I stripped it down and replaced it. Unfortunately the top of the bed is cracked and when I put it back together the UJ catches on the top hat and the 'shield' below the gearbox. So the drive is...
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    Efarmer navi

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had heard of and the antenna that they are trying to crowd fund? I'm tempted to try it, but I wanted to know what people thought about entry level GPS systems for simple tasks like fertiliser on grassland. Thanks! Rich.
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    Primera rams

    Interesting thread going on here. Sorry I'm a bit late to the party... thinking of putting a Primera on some Aberfield x NZ Romney ewe lambs this November. I get that the carcase will probably be a bit light and perhaps only an R on the grid, but would the Primera be a good tup just to get a...