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    New topper- woods or spearhead?

    Is that a 460? What rates do you charge for that a day??
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    Hydraulic Ram Referb

    Bloody hell, i was hoping for half that!
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    Hydraulic Ram Referb

    I have i ram which could do with a spruce up Rod is appox 2" and has approx stroke of 30". Could anyone tell what i would expect to pay to get a new rod put in and fresh seal?? TIA
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    Shot blasting

    Aye, think it’s more about the compressor as opposed to the pot!?
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    Welding helmet

    Speedglass 100. Can buy all parts. Had mine for years.
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    Shot blasting

    When you say painfully slow, how bad is it?....or is it a how longs a piece of string question?? Seems they are either too small and not up to the job or proffessional machines that need 250+cfm.?
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    Shot blasting

    i want it for just doing small areas and parts. Doesnt really justify getting someone to do it. What size is the one from machine mart? what size compressor you using ??
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    Shot blasting

    Keep thinking about buying a blaster. Just for my own use really. Are the smaller pots you see on eBay etc any good? Anyone on here running a set up that can give me some advice?? Thanks
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    Square wrapped bale handler

    RES Tractors have one. £795. Manitou brackets.
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    Used clean hydraulic oil

    Got 45g Drum of 46 you can have for £125. York though. Had a bit taken out of it.
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    Row Crop Tyres

    Looking for a pair of 12.4 R36 (320/85) and also a pair of 14.9 (380/90 R46 row crop tyres. 25% Plus tread will be fine but must have no cracks/Perishing or uneven wear. May consider complete wheels if price is right. Thanks.
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    Front Press

    Morris corfield have one in but big bucks!
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    3000g tanker

    Anyone know of any tidy twin axle 3000g Tankers for sale? Ideally with rear linkage/brackets. Pm
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    Sumo Trio 4.5 m

    Jr Firby has one in.
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    Heavy discs wanted

    These any good? £3k delivered.