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    Claas Arion indicator relay

    Its behind rear fuse board. U have to remove rear plastics n remove fuse board n its behind that
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    Trimble nav 500

    Looking for trimble nav 500 gps dome
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    Trimble 750

    It didnt come with one.
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    Trimble 750

    Iv only just got it. Not been used yet
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    Trimble 750

    I have a trimbe xcn 750. Its missing its roof attena. Is there any other ones that would fit without being too expensive
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    New toy day

    Il get beter one tomorow.
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    New toy day

    Got 2 of them , so far so gd. Replaced 620s.
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    New toy day

    New toy here .
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    New toy day

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    Claas arion trimble ready

    Will do
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    Claas arion trimble ready

    Hi thanks. What screen would i need? I have a ag leader compass at the moment.
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    Claas arion trimble ready

    Have just got a new arion 630 which has came autosteer ready for trimble. Will any trimble do to work it ? Or what one do i need
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    Loader joystick with valve block

    Looking for a electric or oil over oil loader joystick.
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    Gps help

    I have a ag leader compass gps. Went to fit it in tractor today , but wont power on . Anyone know where to check? Worked fine when removed last year and has been stored inside .
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    Ag leader gps

    Hi im after some advice. I have a compass agleader gps. Went to fit it back in tractor today , and wont power up. Plug fits fine in back of unit. Is there any fuses?

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