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    New holland 6050

    135 hp I think. The next model from a TS135A but I may be wrong.
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    Euro auctions Leeds

    It's no where near Leeds it's Selby. It's it the foot of Eggbrough power station. As for bargains that depends on the lot and how it sells.
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    Any independent NH /CNH mechanics around South Yorks/ North Notts/ North Derbyshire

    Looking for a recommended New Holland or CNH mechanic in the area. The chap I've been speaking to/ waiting for to fit my tractor in has had me waiting 4 weeks and still not heard anything on sorting it. Several messages and calls he's responded to and it's still in my yard not his workshop. So...
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    Poo it Stinks

    You just know she’s one of them people that no matter the circumstances or place they shout “ I have rights”.
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    round Baler belts

    How much are you wanting for the belts? Any pictures of condition? Doesn’t hurt to have spares.
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    round Baler belts

    I used beltflex or some name similar near Yorkshire or in. They were spot on but I’ve just been told of a place in chesterfield that does them and they can fit also. Let me know and I’ll get your details
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    Game fair has anyone been?

    Has anyone been this year, was it as good as they billed it to be? Reading a few articles and seen a few pictures and videos from yesterday. Looking more like a show that puts the shooting and countryside sports community more under the spotlight for some very positive aspects and some negative.
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    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    Yes seems everyone has hay or Haylage this year. I’m optimistic on a buoyant price and trade. However it’s looking less likely and the same with the straw job.
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    A plea to tractor drivers.

    But surely isn’t that wreckless endangerment. As you know it not to be fit as it’s nervous to be on the road. Hence forth putting a rider, road users and possible pedestrians in harms way should it bolt etc. I see your point as to get it experience and settle down. But your idea is utter...
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    A plea to tractor drivers.

    Currently a test case going through the courts. Looking like anyone wearing them will be deemed trying to “impersonate” and therefore will be arrested and dealt with.
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    A plea to tractor drivers.

    It’s a chicken egg situation. However if the horse is that skittish it’s irresponsible to have it on the public highway. So their own fault and own worst enemy. Times move on and why horses should be limited on time and distance on roads for their own safety. Too many round here, two abreast on...
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    Bale wrapping prices.

    I couldn’t run a tractor, man and wrapper for £1 a bale. I’d rather it stay in my yard doing nowt than went out and cost me money.
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    Bale wrapping prices.

    No £2.40 to bale I charge. Owned old baler that does a cracking job and doesn’t warrant renewing. £2.50 to wrap only (no plastic). Costs me to do my own £5.50 in plastic and wrapping cost but couldn’t charge that as I wouldn’t get any work so only wrap for customers who supply their own wrap.
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    Bale wrapping prices.

    £2.50 a bale to wrap and they supply the plastic. No moaning about charging per roll, charged for full roll and some left over, 4 layers instead of 6 etc then querying the price and quality of the plastic. You turn up wrap and go. Works out doing my own at £5.50 inc plastic but you wouldn’t get...
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    Great Yorkshire Show

    That’s good to hear. It’ll be 5 years or more since I went to Lincs show. There was voiced frustration then and seems it might have been listened to.

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