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    Best cropping software package

    We have introduced some cropping features recently at we'd love your feedback. We've also added NDVI. The plans are £20/m and £30/m (with and without satellite). (new Essentials plan is launching next week at £3.75/m with up to 5 inputs and unlimited history - don't tell...
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    Simple crop recording

    Thanks @farmerfred86 - we are adding the features we get asked for the most and our users (in 80 countries now) needed a lightweight way to plan and keep track of input usage. So we've launched the first version of that. We have in app reporting and we're adding a CSV download for the excel-fans...
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    Hey all - a bit late to this but we have built this into fieldmargin ( its in the apps and on the web version. All free to use.
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    Agriculture in the next 100 years

    or is it fungi?
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    Agriculture in the next 100 years

    I spend a lot of time thinking about this topic - some great opinion here already - will try not to repeat. All of this is prediction and opinion mixed with having an overview of how things have happened in other industries (manufacturing) and the studies being conducted all over the world...
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    Do you keep a daily journal on paper?

    WARNING - MASSIVELY SELF-INTERESTED POST! This is a really interesting topic - especially for us at fieldmargin - we have recently launched our web and phone apps. They have the ability to take notes - lots of our early adopters are taking notes just like this - attached to points on the map of...
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    fieldmargin is now on the big screen

    We use Google satellite imagery - the images can be quite old in rural areas. We are looking at others - down the line we could even have an upgrade for daily and weekly imagery. can be used to keep notes on things that have been done and things that need doing, pinned right...
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    fieldmargin is now on the big screen

    Hi All, As we now do as a matter of course, just a sneaky heads up especially for Team FF! fieldmargin is now available to use direct from your computer - head to and log straight in if you have an account or create a new one if you're new. Following feedback...
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    Accounting software

    another +1 for Xero over here. Great software.
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    Your farm now fits in your pocket!

    Righto, as promised - and a weekish late - here is the early release of the Android version of fieldmargin! Thanks for being patient and, as ever, please send us feedback about everything. Had a great day today with the NFU and TechUK, a pair of industry bodies. Tech and Farming have a lot...
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    Wondering what people though of this bit of hay work being done. Starts at 31 minutes. Thought it might belong here.
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    Your farm now fits in your pocket!

    In a hurry to copy apple they made the change to non replaceable batteries - suspect someone might regret this decision.
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    Your farm now fits in your pocket!

    Getting there - first version in a month we think. Fingers crossed!
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    Your farm now fits in your pocket!

    Having a team get together this afternoon to talk about areas and lengths - will update then. Other examples of how people have been using it on smaller farms: Plotting out areas of pest or blackgrass for referring to later. Labelling all the fields up in 'features' so that external people (hay...