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    Counting with pictures.

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    Vegan come backs

    You could point out the thousands of pigeons, rats, mice, bugs, grubs and caterpillars that have to be killed to produce their vegetables. Only an idiot would start throwing things at them and give them the video upload they are looking for.
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    Counting with pictures.

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    Tommy Robinson

    Yes, we have thousands of Poles in this part of the country. The buggers come over here work long hours doing a good job, pay their taxes, and then don't even go out and get bladdered and start a fight at the weekend. No wonder the local unemployables hate them.
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    What Plough

    I don't know much about on-land ploughing but I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work. We've had various ploughs over the years but the modern body that our late ploughman rated was the Overum XL.
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    What Plough

    The UCN is a lovely body and it was developed by Ransoms at Ipswich for our type of soils. The downside is that it leaves a very narrow furrow bottom to suit the tyres they were using back then. Get your dad a 165 and a three furrow reversible he should be able to do 400 acres with that, just...
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    Spreading Fert 36m

    Visually it is hard to tell if there is any inaccuracy in an application. In a cereal crop there will have to be an error of at least 20% before you can see it. In grass the error would be massive before it was visible.
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    Am I being paid ok?

    Is this not the entire raison d'être of internet forums? :ROFLMAO:
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    Employing Ex military

    I think someone has a chip on his shoulder because his mummy got goosed by a GI.
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    Today at work

    Today, and most of this week, I have mostly been seeing up Saturday's Hadleigh Show
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    what grinds your gears

    Finding that sometime over the winter some #@*&ing joker has nicked all the cold out of the air con! :mad::banghead:
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    Are we having forum problems?

    How the heck can I have triggered a "spam filter"? I've been busy trying to farm and have hardly posted in the last few weeks Also I have nothing to sell and have hardly been in WTF thread recently :D
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    Are we having forum problems?

    :scratchhead:Have I triggered a spam filter??? Or am I on pre-mod? I've certainly not had any messages about it
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    Are we having forum problems?

    :scratchhead: I'll have you know I'm a Roman God! So mind your manners.:D
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    Are we having forum problems?

    QUOTE="chickens and wheat, post: 5035698, member: 1900"]No computer says no pm. Have you been naughty? No, and I've not had any messages :(

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