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    Having had a makita battery grinder for a few years I don’t know how people manage without one.
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    Somewhere on the web is a forum full of bitter copper miners who are complaining like fudge about the cost of a 200 tonne dumptruck and...
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    rusty replied to the thread Heat Detection Systems.
    I use Track a cow from Dairy Mac which is the same as Genus Breeder tag for my heifers. I really rate the system. Listened to a...
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    Now then, @jamesrm87. Looks like all and sundry have had a go, so here's my sixpenneth :whistle: First of all welcome to the mad...
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    You were obviously well to do. Our first loader was on the back of the tractor, on the link arms, with a choice of a trip bucket or...
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    Kiwi kit here, with the pockets on the front, very handy.
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    Could you predict Saturday nights lottery numbers please @jimmer [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    When it's just me and the dog moving young stock along a road the term " retreiving" would usually be more accurate than "moving".
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    @james ds !? :rolleyes: :ROFLMAO: Obvious who you are even with different name.
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    Just thinking about this, as i've seen a few tweets over the last few days about how we shouldn't let children into the harvest field...
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    For pasture renovation, not renewal, 300 mls is adequate. The more recent glyphosate brews with additives can be used at reduced rates...
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    I think you’re pissing in the wind trying to engage them directly to be honest. They’d see an emotional response as a part victory...
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    rusty reacted to Lowland1's post in the thread Getting Away from Made in China with Like Like.
    My grandfather would never buy anything not made in England as a matter of principle 5 years in the RAF during WW2 including 30 missions...
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    rusty reacted to ollie989898's post in the thread Getting Away from Made in China with Like Like.
    The Japanese revolutionised the car industry, they gave bloody noses to a lot of domestic industries, not just in the UK but also...
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    Well seeing as there are several stretches of dual carriageway on that road on the warminster bypass there would have been opportunities...

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