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    Anyone had anything to do with the chc nx510 autosteer units yet very similar to the fj dynamics

    Another alternative to the fj dynamics looks a handy bit of kit for the money
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    Starfire and EE

    Out of interest do you know how much a Starfire 6000 dome is to buy I've just bought a tractor gps ready just needs a dome
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    Simba sl500 or proforge inverter max

    Looking at both these options what's everyone's opinion both got positive and negative sides to them I like the inverter max as it's on 25inch discs but then the Simba has the option to have legs as well will the Simba discs get in when it's hard ect.
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    Mower bed repair

    Well that was my original thought but being a tight arse I was exploring all avenues
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    Mower bed repair

    Well yes it was a serious question I Know of several people that have had a bed repaired only to have them go again shortly after and since we've finished this years grass times not a problem over winter to fix it but when we get cutting again next year I can't afford possibility of it going...
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    Mower bed repair

    So after years of service my front mower has for no reason at all lost drive to the outside disc after removing the bearing turns out it's one of the smaller cogs in-between that's given up question is is it worth stripping the bed down replacing broken or damaged cogs cleaning and putting back...
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    User review: Balancing age risks and cost rewards with classic JCB Fastrac tractors

    My tm 165 has over 13000 hours never had a spanner to it apart from two sets of brakes and a exhaust manifold and a wiring loom that was caused by previous owner putting a jubilee clip around and chafed through it's about due a overhaul now tho gearbox getting a little clunky I won't be selling...
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    John Deere 6210r reliability

    In the market for a new tractor what's everyone's experience with the john Deere 6210r vario have they been reliable other alternative I've been looking at is the new Holland t7.270 which is going to be the best long term buy both I'm looking at have around 7000 hours on
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    Fendt 936 good bad and ugly

    2009 pre add blue is the age I'm looking at
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    Fendt 936 good bad and ugly

    I think I'd emigrant if it cost me that much too.
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    Fendt 936 good bad and ugly

    Been looking at a fendt 936 what are your honest opinions on them any good or plagued with problems?
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    Best tractor you owned

    Possibly so time moves on and so do tractors I'm sure there's nicer to ride about in than the old tm but as a tractor it's been fab and never caused me any bother I'm looking at what to buy next and to be honest with you there's nothing new that I really fancy with all their ad blue and dodgy...
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    Best tractor you owned

    New Holland tm 165 bought with 700 hours on the clock now has covered over 12000 it's now due a damper plate but never been into it other than a set of brakes the only tractor you know will start give you a full day hastle free will do any job big or small not to mention the best air con on a...
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    Breaking Claas axion?

    Hi anyone know anybody with a Claas axion that's getting broken for parts looking for a full front axle possibly
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    New Holland tm lift hight calibration

    Cheers thankyou