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    Dairy cake rejection

    Hi,we have just received a load of dairy cake which about 1/4 of our cows are rejecting in the parlour. It is supposed to be the same as we have been using all summer. Has anyone else been having similar problems,or are we just unlucky with a batch of cake?
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    When did they stop the poppers👹 I usually have to order tall versions and will be interested to hear of the best replacement boilersuits available
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    NH1530 Wobble box

    The taper shaft that connects onto the arm that drives the knife was a little bit scored and the nut holding it on could have been tighter,but I don't think that was the problem,the key and keyway are fine.
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    NH1530 Wobble box

    I have taken it apart,no obvious signs of bearing failure,some wiggle in the two ends that join to the y shaped piece,but seems ok apart from that. The two grub screws are about 3mm deep into the casing and not sure how much further they can safely go,but are tight at that,but still gives over...
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    NH1530 Wobble box

    How much play between the pulley and the knife drive arm should there be? I have tightened the two grub screws under the pulley which I think is supposed to reduce any play but there seems to be still about over an inch of play,when the knife drive arm changes direction. The wobble box was...
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    Kramer oil pipes

    We have bitten the bullet and traded in our kramer for a new one and another 3 years warranty . The new one hasn't arrived yet but we decided to trade in before prices went even further up. It is integral to operations here and reliability is worth the extra expense Not entirely satisfactory...
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    Jones MK12-t baler for spares

    We also have a similar Jones baler,if the purchaser on FB needs more spares,i.e. Needles,pickup tines,etc then they can contact me before I scrap ours,if you still have their details Cheers S&P
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    Tx 65 vs class 430 tucano

    Can you still get parts for TX combines,read somewhere that parts are no longer made for them?
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    NFU Mutual remuneration/bonuses!!!

    Opened the info pack for voting and was surprised to see such high remuneration and bonuses,given the current financial backdrop. Not good PR at the very least!!!
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    NFU Mutual remuneration/bonuses!!!

    Thoughts on the above given the reported overall losses!
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    JD diff lock?

    Can the speed that the diff lock automatically disengages be altered on a JD6520 premium? At present it disengages at around 8mph ,but in my JD6330 it will not disengage until about 15mph,so I wondered if it could be altered. TIA S&P
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    Research into cubical cleaners

    A proper analysis of cell count/bactoscans pre and post use of a mechanised cubicle cleaner would be very interesting. Proper account of relative uses of bedding material and anti-bacterial agents should also be factored in,as machines such as q-bedders make it easier /safer to use. We have used...
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    Kramer oil pipes

    Should we be expecting a recall of our kramer,and a full refit of all the pipes?
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    Kramer oil pipes

    Not just you,we have had 5 different pipes burst,some at the top of the boom,and a couple elsewhere . The dealer has replaced the pipes FOC,and has spares on the shelf in expectation of more going. Seems to be a known fault and is covered by warranty.I have asked if they are going to replace all...
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    Replacement seat

    Thinking of replacing the mechanical seat in my 6520 which although is still working,seems to aggravate the bulging disc in my back. I was wondering what the best seat is available at the moment? What the likely cost is and best place to get it from? TIA