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    Milk your moments

    :rolleyes: It was everywhere. It was even on here. If you didn't submit your response, perhaps you should consider giving them a call. It is often easier to just rant on here but if you aren't getting value for your levy - you have to take some responsibility for that. Sorry but I see this all...
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    Milk your moments

    It actually cost you £200k as far as I am aware. AHDB £200k DairyUK £200k Other industry £100k DEFRA £500k I'm not defending the advert but it's important to put the cost into perspective.
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    Sheep EBV’s

    Maybe not in this sample size of two. It’s so difficult to make judgements like this. I guess my point is, are you judging the tups at what their lambs look like? If so, it just isn’t good enough. You have to measure and properly compare. were they single sire mated? If so and the top 1% animal...
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    Sheep EBV’s

    They both look good to me. The big one seems to have a bloom dip so is this photo taken very soon after he was bought? If so, I’m not sure you can compare the two photos. If you don’t like one of them, why did you buy him and why do you keep him? Also, are you comparing singles with twins when...
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    Store lamb prices

    *they’re 🤦🏼‍♂️ [emoji23]
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    Straw-lime-water bedding

    Has anybody tried using this in deep beds? Interested to see what it is like as an alternative to sand.... sand will not work for a digestor.
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    British sheep breeds app

    Just in case you wanted a Roussin, you can have this. It wasn't on your list so it doesn't matter if it is not required. The wool isn't great... equivalent to a mule really.
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    Hampshire Down- tell me about them

    The thing I like about Hamps is that after the first draw you can have quite a wide weight draft. You can send some lambs at 36kg... that is a positive in my book as you can fill loads and take pressure off grazing, providing more forage for the tailenders to get them finished.
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    Hampshire Down- tell me about them

    How do you mean? Are you talking KO%? How does anybody really know what KO% lambs sold live achieve? I guess there are market reports but lets face it, if your LW scales are weighing light - your KO looks good and your market PR is bolstered by the seemingly high per kg price. .... perhaps I am...
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    WOPA box for beef cows

    Does anybody use a WOPA box for foot trimming beef cattle? Are they man enough for the odd mental one?
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    Jamie Oliver Backs Farmers

    Yes I like him but I find him a bit uncompromising. It has to be free range, organic etc. British farming is not like that other than niche. I thought the Chicken Run thing where he was trying to get council house families to buy £12 free range chickens was a bit unrealistic.
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    Yearling heifers

    To sell presumably? Lots of people buy heifers that are due to calve at >30 months. Not sure why though … I suppose they haven't had the cost of rearing them but would have the cost of them not getting in calf again because of internal fat so I guess it works if you cull them after L1 and have...
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    Jamie Oliver Backs Farmers

    PR is about using influencers. He is an influencer whether you love him or hate him... let's take the PR and move on. People don't actually care where they hear things from they just know they've heard it from someone high profile. I always hear farmers saying we need to educate people about...
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    I find this whole sphere really interesting. The trouble is welfare is driven by both consumer perception and what is right for the animal. I feel that consumer perception shouldn't really come into it... but of course it has to doesn't it as we all have to sell our products to consumers when...
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    Starting Pedigree Sheep

    I’d suggest that you just buy something that looks nice and enjoy breeding them and looking at them over the fence. Maybe something rare breed. You needn’t get into the high price merry go round and the constant pull in different directions from show people and commercial people. Also prices are...

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