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    Are we wasting our time trying to produce quality.....

    I have thought it for a while but.... I think we need to send in the men in white coats!
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    Unique Trike Stolen.

    Yes I saw it. It was asking people to look out for it. I was thinking that Twitter could give leverage to get them to answer as to why they haven't done anything about it, despite having potential CCTV. Maybe it isn't fair to do this to an overstretched police force but it just seems so unjust...
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    Unique Trike Stolen.

    I think I would consider tweeting it. Tweet a picture, copy WestMids police or Warkspolice (whichever it is) and ask what is happening.... could TFF do that? Something like - "Interested to know why WestMids police haven't followed up on sightings of this trike - despite CCTV being available"
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    Unique Trike Stolen.

    Have they really not I am amazed by this! So even in light of the recent sightings and potential for finding CCTV evidence of it, they won't go and collect the evidence? That really is not good. I'd be seriously hacked off. I wonder if it would be worth making it even easier for them and...
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    Student Survey

    Ha I wrote this before I read that you were working on a trigger. I did the survey as I try to do for anyone but it was hard. It kept going from positive to negative and irritatingly made me have to think really hard. I hadn’t realised the OP is an activist. Being an animal rights activist...
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    Student Survey

    Are you seriously a carnivore? I don’t know anybody who is a carnivore.... apart from my dog?!
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    Bedding calves on sawdust

    Any issues composting/getting rid of waste?
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    Ownership and responsibility of mobile phone use

    Health and Safety of all contractors working on your farm is your responsibility. Not everybody knows that. You are the one they put in prison
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    Making a living from sheep

    You're right. I meant that comment in general. You have to establish what your reason for farming is. People often say they are doing it for money but they aren't really... they can't be. Most people would be making a negative profit with all costs added in and subtracting subsidy. If that...
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    Who you voting for?

    I share this view. I feel the only real options are Labour or Conservative. In an ideal world, I would like to say to the EU, "So terribly sorry for all the trouble, can we just make up and stay together?". I feel like Labour are the only genuine option for this but I couldn't bare living in a...
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    Making a living from sheep

    Nope the rent should definitely be included even though it isn't a cash cost. It is still a true cost as you could rent the land out if you chose. Equally, a labour cost should be added as you'd have to pay a shepherd if you were out of action for some reason. The beef enterprise is subsidising...
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    Making a living from sheep

    Also £200-£300 in the swear box!!
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    Making a living from sheep

    Well done for putting your head above the parapet. Assuming they take you on average 1hr/day at £10/hr, that's £3650. So that's -£50 profit on the whole enterprise based on your calculations. That doesn't take into account vehicle depreciation, building depreciation etc (assuming you are...
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    Jobs For The Kids.

    So sorry, I had wrongly assumed she was a he. Good for her!! She could even design her own labels for the egg boxes. The other thing you could do is chicken boarding. It is straight forward and people would pay reasonable money to have their hens looked after while they go away. There's car...

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