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    Multipad armrest on MF 7600

    Most probably achievable as the production process seems to be a standard base spec with modular spec options. I would imagine the cost would be eye watering. Even if you could find the parts from a breaker you would then probably need a software upgrade for it all to work properly.
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    Massy 5455 dyno 4

    Use hand throttle, foot brake and if unsure the clutch.
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    Lift arm mod for mower?

    We just bought a new 8’ Kuhn plain mower. It came with a chain from the headstock side closest to the mower which was supposed to go to the top link bracket on tractor. Turns out this is in case used on older tractor without electronic positional linkage to set a constant height. We therefore...
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    Most efficient way to combine a large triangular field?

    Having just rowed up some hay in small triangle shaped fields I can tell you progress seemed much quicker doing the middle straight than when I was going round doing the headland. As previously said when the triangle starts to get small it just becomes a pain.
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    MF 5455 and Loader

    See them advertised for 30k sometimes
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    MF 5455 and Loader

    Couldn’t rate them highly enough really. Been running them for 18 years with minimal bother. Look at front axle pivot wear when viewing. Damper plate between engine and gearbox is a consumable, but you just need to take that on the chin, not too bad. Check for evidence of greasing if front axle...
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    Massey 6480 t3 just gone really aggressive and jerky on the shuttle and clutch at bottom

    The Belleville washers have gone in my 5455 twice now, at 500hrs and 17,500 hrs. Both times it was the forward clutch pack and it would only drive backwards, no matter what position the shuttle was in. It is speedshift so we could at least knock it into neutral to use linkage.
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    Retrofitting softride to a loader

    It would be better for them to be on common pipework to the two rams, but I expect it makes little difference. Identify your tee in point and put in a pressure gauge instead of accumulator. Have a few different weights on the loader and read off the pressure and get a pre charge to suit. My...
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    Kevs diary

    I smell a scam. All water is billions of years old, unless you’ve struck a deal with JCB to put bags on the exhausts of the new hydrogen engines.
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    I think this tractor needs front end weights!!!

    Seems to be the done thing out there, trailers to big for the tractor combined with pulling above the PTO somewhere.
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    You have to go into the menu in the dash to set it as such. A reasonable safety feature in my opinion but they have thought of tasks like slurry tanking.
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    Massey Front Loader Rams leaking

    Those rods are clearly pitted. Just small dinks in the chrome like that will allow oil to pass the seal and leak out. They will also start to damage the seal.
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    Lenken DL120 skim clamps

    Try Westlake ploughs. Their listings on the website are good (new and used parts) but a phone call will otherwise answer your question. Don’t bother emailing them.
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    Bullock acting odd

    We had some smaller calves doing funny things, but probably not capable of climbing walls. They picked up some toxicity from some straw bale walls (we think) multi vitamin injections cured them over a few days.
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    Another PTO guard thread - How do I pull this one off?

    I think he means the yoke won’t come off the machine. Ratchet strap around yoke to loader or shed post and give the yoke some hammer to try and release the bond.